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Theta (THETA) is a cryptocurrency made by Mitch Liu and Jieyi Long in 2018. It is a decentralized blockchain-based content delivery platform that delivers high-bandwidth video streaming content.  

Theta intends on solving the problems that live video streaming faces today; low quality video streaming, high cost of streaming infrastructure, and centralized and inefficient ecosystems. The Theta project is solving these problems by delivering an innovative new blockchain-based content delivery network (CDN) that’s powered by users and decentralizes video streaming. 

Theta’s CDN allows viewers to earn Theta Fuel rewards for sharing bandwidth and resources. Theta Fuel (TFUEL) is gas for the Theta network and can be earned by staking THETA tokens and lending bandwidth to video streams. Theta’s peer-to-peer decentralized CDN delivers high quality, smooth video streaming throughout the world. Even more, it reduces the cost of delivering video streams so that video platforms no longer need to develop expensive infrastructure, allowing for innovative and unique business models to thrive.

Theta’s blockchain-based CDN is open source and open to all developers and partners to build on the Theta network. Currently, Theta’s live video streaming partners include Silver.TV, Samsung VR, and MBN, Korea’s largest business news outlet. The market that Theta intends on disrupting is absolutely massive. YouTube has 1 billion hours of streaming video watched daily, Twitch has between 2.2 and 3.2 million unique monthly visitors, and there is an estimated 400 million esports viewers who watch at least one tournament every year.

The Theta Token (THETA) has a total supply of 1,000,000,000 tokens and a circulating supply of 870,502,690 tokens. The initial supply breakdown is:

  • 30% private ICO investors
  • 22.5% Theta reserve
  • 15% Network seed/strategic partners
  • 7.5% Advisors
  • 25% Miner Reserve

What is Theta Network?

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Theta is a blockchain created by Theta Labs as a video delivery network looking to build off the success of platforms like Twitch in a much more decentralized manner. Users can watch videos or streams and offer unused bandwidth to relay the content t...

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Theta awarded 2nd US Patent - Ultra High Transactions

16 Mar 2021 1 minute read 3 comments Keith Thuerk

Theta awarded 2nd US Patent - Ultra High Transactions Theta has not one but two US Patents, many many more are awaiting approval too. The newest patent number is U.S. patent number 16/10951675, which builds upon Theta's first patent 16/771524, which...

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Theta Elite Node in Beta on V3.0 Testnet

12 Mar 2021 1 minute read 0 comments Keith Thuerk

Theta Elite Node in Beta on V3.0 Testnet Theta is rapidly approaching V3.0 implementation, with that comes a handful of new features and functions.  Recall Mainnet 3.0 has a go live date of April 21st '21.  One of which is Uptime mining, which as you...

Why THETA token Is a Rare Sure Bet In Cryptocurrency.

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Back in January of 2018, weeks after the entire cryptocurrency market began tumbling down and the ICO craze was fizzling out, Theta token launched their ICO. Decentralized video delivery network, sounded great right? But it launched during a sea of r...

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The biggest altcoin gainers are: Chiliz (CHZ) – 146% Enjin Coin (ENJ) – 106% Theta Fuel (TFUEL) – 92% Decentraland (MANA) 57.3% THETA (THETA) – 48% NEM (XEM) – 45% Basic Attention Token (BAT) – 43%   Chiliz (CHZ) CHZ was the biggest gainer from las...