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Building VS. Selling: Why a Stellar Product Outshines Marketing and Sales

21 May 2024 2 minute read 3 comments DrPraze

Sales is one person persuading one person. Marketing is one person persuading many people. A great product makes many people persuade many people, as it naturally gets shared due to its percieved value. Obviously, you can see which effectively scales...

Secure funding for our business

28 Mar 2024 2 minute read 0 comments Bala

If we plan to start a business, having enough funds is very important. There might be an initial setup cost for the business. Most of people think that would be it but when it starts, there can be other expenses too that are not initially visible to...


9 Jan 2024 5 minute read 0 comments Sdom

I remember my first experience with publishing on BULB; it was early summer, probably June 2023.I get there by clicking on the affiliate link of one of the 0xPublish users; however, I don’t exactly remember who that guy is.My first impression, when I...

The KOY Network Appointed Warren Whitlock As Strategic Advisor

17 Nov 2023 4 minute read 0 comments fycee

When Social Media plays a vital role in the awareness of this technological breakthrough to help Africa, indeed businesses would need the help of powerful influencers' expertise and promotion. One of the best blockchain influencers in the industry i...

KOY Jumuiya DAO Launching Today To Support The KOY Network

17 Oct 2023 3 minute read 2 comments fycee

The term "Jumuiya" means, “greater community” in Swahili, this is a reflection of our plan to be as inclusive and as far-reaching as possible. ________________________________________________________________________ We are very pleased to announce th...

Building a Website for a Successful Startup: A Comprehensive Guide

3 Oct 2023 2 minute read 0 comments

Creating a strong online presence is essential for any startup in today’s digital landscape. A well-designed and optimized website serves as the foundation for your business’s growth, credibility, and customer engagement. This article will walk you t...

Are crypto startups coming back?

1 Aug 2023 1 minute read 1 comment Rupanshu kumar

Hello guys,  Take a look at all the major crypto startups that are dying right now.   The era of lockdown is a time when people come to know the power of crypto and the benefits of investing in them, and that brings an opportunity for many startups...

Investing in Agora3 and details of the start-up

3 Mar 2023 1 minute read 0 comments GoVenture

Francis Adelore from Lagos - a major African financial centre and the economic hub of Lagos state of Nigeria at large is the founder of Agora 3. He has long researched the web3 space, he has in-depth and comprehensive knowledge of it, had made the ce...

Introducing Pinchas Cohen

28 Feb 2023 1 minute read 0 comments GoVenture

GoVenture CIO (Chief Investment Officer) With 25 years of experience in financial market analysis, geopolitics, management, public relations, and marketing, Pinchas Cohen has a well-established reputation among industry professionals as a trusted voi...

XanPool Raises $41 Million—Plans to Expand Across Europe, Latin America

28 Nov 2022 1 minute read 0 comments XanPool

After raising $41 million this year from investors led by London-based Target Global, XanPool—a payments infrastructure provider that facilitates cross-border transactions—is accelerating expansion plans across Europe, the Middle East, North Africa,...