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IOTA RoadMap 2020: A "To the Moon Buy?" Deep Dive Critique

30 Dec 2019 16 minute read 0 comments Thunderboltkid

Ok, the crypto space is well known for whitepapers (Many vacuous, most lacking any meaningful business linked detail, where even more of them are just vague (fluffy/pie in the sky stuff- wtf )). What is really annoying to most of us in the crypto spa...

Incentivized Crypto Transaction Security: Decentralized Oracles - Design Blueprint for Success

15 Nov 2019 11 minute read 2 comments Thunderboltkid

In reference to this excellent article published on Medium (picture credit https://stephenblackford.blogspot.com/2013/01/the-wachowskis-cinematic-legacy.html) https://medium.com/fabric-ventures/decentralised-oracles-a-comprehensive-overview-d3168b9a8...

Nextgen Crypto Storage & Compute as a Service: MaidSafe Safe Network vs. IOTA Qubic

19 Oct 2019 21 minute read 11 comments Thunderboltkid

Thinking about becoming a crypto miner and need power? Really Cheap Power? Well nothing is cheaper than make it yourself sans(without) the overhead of transmission, distribution, power generation and profit taking charges foisted on you by the power...