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The AtomicWalletTutorial writing contest is one about your favorite wallet, and one that we recommend you use: Atomic Wallet.

  • Writing Contest Name and Theme: #AtomicWalletTutorial
  • Prize Pool: $230 in DAI
  • Deadline: Monday, 15th of June

The prizes are $200 in DAI for the authors who participate in the writing contest, and $30 in DAI for the Twitter Giveaway relating to the contest. Details can be seen here:


You can download Atomic Wallet from here.



Atomic Wallet can be downloaded from here.

Diving into The Atomic World

12 Jun 2020 2 minute read 0 comments Karoswe

The world of crypto has evolved so much in the past few years such that you can actually carry a crypto wallet in your pocket. Do you sit in front of a computer all day? Well, you can use a wallet on your desktop or laptop. Atomic Wallet is one such...

Atomic Wallet tutorial

12 Jun 2020 4 minute read 0 comments HoangTung02

What is Atomic Wallet   Atomic describes itself as a non-custodial decentralized wallet to manage, exchange, and be able to trade with over 300 cryptocurrencies in a single interface. AWC is a token issued by the cryptocurrency wallet

Atomic Wallet - When the stakes are high

12 Jun 2020 2 minute read 0 comments Virendar

By now almost everyone has heard of Proof Of Stake (POS) tokens, and just like every other investment it is vital that we understand what we are getting in to, that's why I aim to tell you how easy it is to stake coins with Atomic Wallet in addition...

Atomic Wallet Solutions exchange portfolio non-custodial multiple asset portfolio

11 Jun 2020 4 minute read 1 comment ZeusTrade

Github Youtube Medium Facebook Telegram Twitter Wallet Downloads WebSite How To Use The Actual Non-custodial Multi-asset Wallet Tutorial Atomic Wallet Is The Perfect Solution For Everyone Who Wants To Stay In The Market For Crypto Newbies Or For Ad...

Atomic Wallet vs. Trust Wallet – clash of the titans!

11 Jun 2020 4 minute read 38 comments paragism

  Cover Image Source - modified I came to know about Atomic Wallet in 2018 when they completed their ICO successfully. The company was founded in early 2017 by Konstantin Gladych, former CEO of Changelly. Atomic Wallet is a non-custodial multi-coin w...

VG Exploring: the Atomic Wallet

11 Jun 2020 4 minute read 2 comments virtugrana

In the vast space of cryptocurrencies, one thing is essential to staying alive in it: a wallet. With it, you will be holding cryptocurrencies that you believe have great potential or saving to make a profitable trade. Always remembering that exchange...

ALGO staking on the Atomic Wallet

11 Jun 2020 3 minute read 2 comments theblockchainchick

  In this article, I will be explaining the concept of staking in the crypto world as well as share the process of staking ALGO on the Atomic Wallet. Let's get started. What is Proof of Stake(PoS)? One of the biggest questions, when it comes to a bl...

Atomic Wallet - The Ultimate Crypto Suite

11 Jun 2020 5 minute read 0 comments Sapphire Crypto

What's all the Buzz? Atomic Wallet seems to be the current buzzword when it comes to Crypto wallets lately. It seems that competitors such as Coinomi and Exodus have been pushed aside by a giant Atomic tidal wave! In my first article regarding Atomic...

On Atomic Wallet And Why It's Best For Beginners!

11 Jun 2020 5 minute read 3 comments abishek0909

My introduction into cryptocurrencies, was back when you had to have separate wallets, for each and every coin that you held or was looking to invest in. For those of you who shared the same experience, would really understand the benefits of Multi-W...

Atomic Wallet’s Roadmap to success

10 Jun 2020 4 minute read 7 comments Ruma

What is an Atomic wallet? Atomic wallet is a decentralized multi-currency non-custodial wallet that supports more than 300 tokens including all the top Blockchains. It is the first wallet that supported cross-chain technology i.e Atomic Swaps. An at...