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ChangeNOW is a non-custodial cryptocurrency exchange that was founded by Roman Lapin Dmitrievich and Petr Sergeev Konstantinovich in 2017. It is available both on the web and on Android.

ChangeNOW offers its services almost worldwide (and is available in 28 languages), and allows both crypto and fiat based purchases with credit and debit cards. It also does not require any KYC registration. Potential investors only need a cryptocurrency wallet to begin purchasing assets, which currently total at over 200. Citizens of countries subject to United Nations Security Council (UNSC) Sanctions Lists cannot use the exchange.

The exchange also runs a Lightning Network node, as well as allowing users to connect to nodes. The exchange claims minimal node management for users. The most notable feature is NOWpayments, a convenient and easily implementable API payment gateway that facilitates online payments. It currently supports over 30 cryptocurrencies.

Transaction fees for ChangeNOW vary from 0.5% to 4%. Both classic and fixed rates are offered. The former is simply the best available rate on the market, which can vary according to market and network conditions. The latter guarantees a rate, but the buyer pays an additional feel to guarantee the rate. 

Fiat purchases include a 5% Simplex processing fee or a $10 minimum fee and a 1% ChangeNOW service fee in addition to blockchain transaction fees. There are no limits to purchases.


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ChangeNOW Debit Visa Card Is Available for Pre-Order

14 Dec 2021 1 minute read 2 comments Mike Ermolaev

Crypto processing and exchange service opened the pre-order of its own debit Visa cards. A batch of 10,000 cards is available for registered users in the ChangeNOW account. The pre-booked cards are planned to be issued and mailed to user...

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ChangeNOW Releases a New Cashback Feature

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The ChangeNOW cryptocurrency exchange and processing service introduces its new cashback feature. Registered users will now be able to profit from crypto swaps and receive cashback in NOW tokens through the ChangeNOW website. The new feature will be...

A New Digital Wallet Developed by ChangeNOW Has Been Released

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Limitless and swift crypto exchange platform ChangeNOW has released its own non-custodial NOW Wallet, facilitating fiat to crypto purchases and reliable crypto transactions from the comfort of a mobile phone. NOW Wallet is available in beta version f...

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