The new crypto social universe UHive or a Copy of Instagram

By OvermindSB | SwissBorg | 8 Jul 2020

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When you look at the surface of the Uhive app, you definetely find features similiar to instagram and would say hey this is just a copy of instagram.

But If you compare instagram to Uhive,  Uhive is pretty much more than that it is the crypto world answer to it. Uhive is an interest based social media network where the user defines the content, how it is used, where it is used and when it is used. He can create multiple accounts and discover the own personality with absolute anonymity.

Uhive is a social network that introduces a whole new dimension to the world of social networking,
allowing you to experience something new and explore multiple new ways to engage and express
whoever you want to be. The social network will implement a self-contained digital economy over a
number of stages in order to allow Users to access the social network’s various features.

Source: whitepaper

Uhive has its own token that can be used in the uhive universe to purchase new spaces or send tips to creator spaces. Further more, the user can earn uhive tokens by interacting with other users either by liking or disliking.




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Funny thing, instead of having just one like you can give 5 hearts ♥️ or a smiley that gets gradually more angry the more you tap on it. The interest based structure of the App allows you to chose your interest. 
A nice feature planned for the future of the app will be the VR technology. UHive attempt to get the users closer together using this technology. 

Uhive VR:

The social network is build on the ethereum blockchain which can be used like instagram but has more benefits for the user while using it. Create your own space with your content share it and earn crypto by interacting with other users. 

Facts about Uhive

  • - Still in Beta phase
  • - +100,000 users so far
  • - + 2M posts
  • - 333 Uhive tokens = $1
  • - not listed on CMC but it’s planned.
  • - Earning and rewarding system

Early Joiners rewards available now. Download the App here.
Use this code: 0NWRVF and get 300 U for free!

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