Earn up to 325 $ in SwissBorg Token (CHSB) for free!

By OvermindSB | SwissBorg | 13 Apr 2021

Hi there if you are coming from TikTok(my account @OvermindSB), than thank you for passing by! Here you´ll find all necessary information to get your up to 325 $ in CHSB. Probably the first Crypto Token you are about to hold in your hands.  If so congratulation you did a nice pick. For those who already aware of crypto, well i can assure you CHSB has multiple fantastic features that gives you the control back to your wealth. But please, simply read through the article, if you like it, i would be really happy if you like, comment, tip and share the article. Tip? Yes, on publish0x.com registered members, can tip authors with crypto (ETH, AMPL, IFARM). But you can read that later :) Now let´s go!



Image source: https://swissborg.com/buy-chsb 

About SwissBorg

In a nutshell: SwissBorg has created a Crypto wealth management app with different brilliant features

  • Smart Yield (earn interest) up to x % APY (Check Link for current yield) on your Cryptos:
  • - Staking up to 37% on USDC (variable)
    - Staking on ETH up to 18% (variable)
    - Staking on CHSB up to 10% (variable)
    - Staking on BTC up to 9% (variable)
    - Staking on BNB in ​​progress (variable)
    - Staking on DAI n ​​progress (variable)

  • 0% exchange fees (premium users only) otherwise 1 to 0.5%
  • The Smart Exchange Engine ensures you paying the lowest and most accurate price while you exchange your Cryptos.
  • A community-driven financial incentives.
  • Value of the SwissBorg token is protected by Burn & Protect Mechanism.
  • Coins listed with strong fundamentals: UNI, COMP, REN, BNB, BTC, ETH, ENJ, AAVE, KNC, DAI, USDC, UTK (available since 2021-04-15)(even more are planned)
  • All coins are interexchangeable with the same fees. No expensive Gas fees. 
  • multiple Fiat gate way more than 20 currencies supported.
  • Exchange your Crypto into any available Fiat
  • Get an hourly updated AI Technical Analysis on any Asset in the app!
  • Holders of CHSB will be allowed to vote for the SwissBorg Company.
  • Holders can participate in IFO Launchpad.

Swissborgs Token the CHSB is the core currency of the Swissborg Ecosystem it is a multi utility token with the following Features:


About the SB Community App:

If you want to earn free crypto in a meaningful game, then start here. The game: Predict the Bitcoin price every day. Just decide whether the price will go up in the next 24 hours: PRICE GOES UP OR PRICE GOES DOWN. You simply play with points and thus risk-free and earn Swissborg Token (CHSB) on the side. What is CHSB: -> https://swissborg.com/buy-chsb  . Compete against other players and take your chance to win a BTC prize worth up to $ 30,000: upside_down: Start with 3000 points: Simply use the code OA62FUI when registering. Simply download the SwissBorg Community App for iOS or Android and start earning free crypto. https://youtu.be/hjT_qN6OEy0 


Learn how to make decisions in the crypto market and unlock 16 badges to earn up to 116 CHSB (up to 175 $, assuming 1 CHSB = 1,50 $)

  • Community app players who have the Hall of Fame badge will receive 100 CHSB, plus a special Premium discount
  • Other badges will receive a reward of 1 CHSB per badge .

As a bonus, we’ll also give Hall of Fame winners discounted Premium accounts: 

  • Winners who are not Premium get a Community Premium (Gives 1,5x interest in the wealth app) account for 1 CHSB."

Qoute: https://swissborg.com/blog/community-app-rewards 


SwissBorg has a nice reward program and gives everyone who register to the wealth app and deposit 50 € (depositing other FIAT of same vaule is also fine) a reward ticket with a random value ranging from 1 to 100 €  (up to 120 $) in CHSB. 

Check out the following website what CHSB is:



My personal price predicition for this token: $10-20

And this is where is my promotion starts for you!

I give you 25% of my reward ticket (1$-120 $ in CHSB) i am getting from your subscription for free!


All you need to do is this: 

  • 1. Download the SwissBorg Wealth App or SBWA (mandatory step) NOTE: KYC (know-your customer is required, Verify first Tier to get the reward)
  • 2. Deposit 50 €, deposits on SwissBorg are free so you can withdraw them later. (Withdraw costs about 1 €, with the earning from the reward you'll gonna make either a plus or a break even) (mandatory)
  • 3. Download the SwissBorg Community App (SBCA mandatory) NOTE: A phone number is required, your real phone should match to the SBWA Account, if you play this game and unlock some extra free CHSBs (up to 175 $)
  • 4. Apply the Code in SBCA: OA62FUI (mandatory)
  • 5. Contact me via Discord (OvermindSB#0055), Telegram (@SwissBorgSwarm) or mail ([email protected]) (preferred) for verification and to get your CHSBs! (mandatory)
    • Proof for SBCA: Send me Screenshots with your used Ref. Code
    • Proof for SBWA: I will be notified if you have used my link, simply let me know your name

Note: If you only download the Community App and apply the code than i highly appreciate your efforts and say thank you and have fun playing the game.  

So together with the earnings from the SBCA (up to 175 $ in CHSB) + My Promotion ( up to $150 $ in CHSB) you can get up to 325$ in CHSB 

So do not miss the unique chance to get these CHSB for free!


IMPORTANT NOTE: This promotion begins on May 2021-05-04 00:00 UTC+2 (Berlin) and ends on June 2021-04-04 00:00 UTC+2 (Berlin)

By the way, I paid every participant: Check in the comment section of these posts for a proof of my payment to them, (the amount may vary due to other agreements)

Proof 1 - (Link disabled)


Proof 2 -(Link disabled)


Proof 3 (Works)


Proof 4 (Works)

Proof 5 (Works)

Thank you for participating and happy CHSB earning! 

Note: I pay in any currency you like :). And the withdrawal fee from Swissborg Wealth App to your wallet are free of fees. I pay them. appy free Crypto earning!

GET YOUR CHSBs as long CHSB is cheap! The cheaper the more CHSBs you get!

This group you help me spreading my code i will giving away a share if i win the prize pool. For more info consult the discord channel.


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Disclaimer to publish0x.com: This post is adapted from former posts. Please contact me if you have any concerns. 

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