Be humans only.

Be humans only.

By tatvam86 | Suruchi | 10 Mar 2020

I am Suruchi Sharma. This is the name given by my parents. I could have been identified by any other name or code. But I identy myself as a human being only. I don't identify myself by any race, cast, creed. colour, religion, nationality or even sex. I am purely a Human only, nothing else.

I may believe in God, but not of any particular kind or religion. I believe in that omnipresent energy which is the source of all energies of this Universe and beyond. That energy is enside everything in this world and thhat is there inside each of us also.


I have seen, read, heard about lot of atrocities, bloodshed and all kind of bad behaviour and hatered in the name of religion, race, cast, creed, colour, nationalities and sex. I am fed up with all these. Can't we accept each other as a human only, without any of the lebels of religion, race, cast, creed, colour, nationalities, sex and so on. Why we want to convert everyone else to Christiniaty, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, Jewism and so many religons or idologies like communism, capitalism, secularism or so many isms. When the 'God', that omnipresent energy is One and is not differentiting between even at atomic level, how can His creations differentiate everybody with all kinds of lebels. I am fed up with all kinds of lebels and want to be a human only, who is human to every thing else created by God in this World. We have to be human not only for every fellow human but all creatures and elements of the Nature. Because our creator is one and if we harass any other element of His creation, we can not escape His wrath. Examples of his punishment are plenty and latest are Corona virous or religious and idiological terrorism.


I appeal to all fellow humans to Be Human to one and all fellow beings and elements of World, because we can survive with harmony with each other and with nature only. I don't think that this World can be saved even when all of its population become Muslims or Christians or Hindus or Jews or of any perticular religion, however if we ask any religeous leaders about solution to the problems of World, they alway put the blame on other religon's followers.


I request to all fellow humans to introspect and appeal to make themselves heard  amid the cacophony of religion, idiology, nationality etc. Because our future is our Hands only and we must not let religeous and idiological bigots to kill us and kill our beutiful world. Because we are equal not only for our Creator but for Nature and Death also. When any calamity strike, it doesn't differentiate between any religion, idiology, cast, creed, race, nationality, sex or whatever lebel we may be carrying.


I have put my thoughts and desire above and want platforms created by likeminded humans for fellow humans only. No relegious, idiological, national, cast, creed, sex or any othr kind of bigot is allowed to all such plateforms created by humans and for humans only.


I appeal to all fellow humans to rise and unite against all kind of bigotry and radicalism to save us and our future generations and this beutiful World.


I invite your comments on my above thoughts and let all of us humans start a movement of being humans and defeat all kinf of radicalism. I also add that only humans are allowed to comment, all bigots please excuse.


Let us save us and this beutiful World.

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Reading is my hobby. I like both reading and writing good articles.


I am a good human being and want everybody elso to become a good human without religious and ideological radicalism and bigotry. Lat us save our World from all form of radicalization.

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