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Video Project Coming Soon To Hive and Youtube - Let Me Convince You

By R23 | Supportive Crypto Community | 11 Jan 2022

The other day, I wrote about how I was ordering a microphone set and working on an idea for video-based content to share on Hive; I have come to a conclusion that I find really promising.

I have always found that something that I am good at it arguing with others and employing persuasion to assist my cause. This is logically why I am pursuing a career in law and why I have a few ex girlfriends...

The idea for my project is to take a wide range of topics and unite them under the branch of argumentation. I will take a topic and attempt to convince viewers to take a specific side to the argument that I agree with.

For example (a very easy example to illustrate) I could do an episode where I convince viewers that the world is round. Through examples of photography, cartography, physics and more, I would attempt to convince my viewership that I am a believer in a round-earth (sorry flat-earthers).

Now, this would get pretty boring if it was just a mock courtroom. Rather than just providing black and white facts, I want to use comedy and satire at times as well in order to make the content interesting and entertaining. Some of my topics may end up taking on a more serious note, but I think that the ability to weave comedy and light-heartedness into the more heavy topics is a skill that I have. I want my episodes to be engaging and informative, but also bring a smile to the face of the viewer.

Right now, I am beginning to work on a few different topics for episodes and would want to one day be able to release one every other day or so. I have been studying how to use iMovie and working on my video editing so I can create a product that is a bit more advanced than the Zoom interviews I have published in the past.

I'm pretty excited for this project as it is something that has pretty wide appeal because of the endless range of topics to discuss. I would even want to analyze comments and viewer-feedback to find topics that people are interested in hearing about.

I figure it is better to argue with myself on a camera and microphone than to argue with someone in the street; but if you run into me feel free to debate me on whatever topics I may have come up with. One aspect of content creation that I really like is the feedback loop. Sure there will be people who are just critics or don't like your content, but there will also be some who just genuinely want to debate or discuss a topic with you; I'm excited to do that with this video series.

I hope you all enjoy. Look forward to seeing the first episode within a few days when I am all set up to produce the vids.

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