Crypto Drinking Game: Get Your Friends Interested In Crypto

By R23 | Supportive Crypto Community | 16 Apr 2021



It's Friday, let's talk beer.

There's no way to relax after a long week like meeting up with friends and having some drinks. Numerous times over the last few months, I have found myself explaining cryptocurrency at a bar or a house gathering to my friends. So this got me thinking, how could I work cryptocurrency into the drinking itself?

Why not add a fun dimension to learning about cryptocurrency? Let's look at a drinking game you could play with a group of friends that involves cryptocurrency.


Kings Cup.jfif


Kings Cup:

You may be familiar with this game. Essentially an entire deck of playing cards is laid out facing down around an unopened can of whatever you are drinking. Players take turns selecting a card and triggering a phase of the game that correlates to that card. After the phase is completed, the player tucks the card under the tab of the can and whoever "breaks the seal" causes the end of the game and has to drink the entire can! This game may obviously be easier for people who know crypto already, but it will motivate friends to learn so they don't end up having to drink all the beer in the house.

Here are the rules (check the traditional rules out if you need a reference point)
2 - You drink
3 - You pick someone to name a cryptocurrency not yet mentioned or else they drink three sips
4 - You point the direction that Steem tokens are heading (down), last person to do it drinks four sips
5 - Anyone who panic sold an altcoin drinks five sips
6 - Anyone who bought the top of Bitcoin in 2017 drinks six sips
7 - You point the direction Hive tokens are heading (up), last person to do it drinks seven sips
8 - You choose someone to name 2 altcoins on Binance or they drink 8 sips
9 - You name a DeFi token and go around in a circle naming other DeFi tokens, whoever fails to name one drinks 9 sips
10 - Categories. Pick a category of crypto tokens and repeat the process from rule 9, whoever fails to name one drinks 10 sips
J - Never have I ever (crypto questions or any questions if you're drunk by now)
Q - Questions, go around asking crypto questions to the player next to you, first person to laugh or fail to ask a question to the next person will drink
K - Create a rule that all players must follow until another King is drawn (example: every time someone at the table pulls a card, the person next to them must name a cryptocurrency not yet mentioned or else they finish their drink)
A - Waterfall. This is solely for drinking, player who drew the card starts drinking and players join one by one in a circle until the original player stops

Why Involve Crypto In Drinking Games?

Having drinks with friends can lead to all types of conversations and experiences. I am very passionate about cryptocurrency because believe that it is not only the future of finance, but also a tool for personal freedom.

I am always looking to get my friends (and really anyone) involved in crypto in some capacity, and I think that a social setting is a great place to do that.

Sure this might be a super nerdy approach to having drinks with friends, but what if besides having a great ass time, someone at the table learns something that ends up changing their life?

At absolute worst, you get to have a few laughs and a few drinks with your friends. It's really a win-win situation!

I thought about adding crypto to more action-based games such as pong or slap-cup but have struggled to find a way to work in the information.

If you have any ideas about crypto-based drinking games, please share with me!


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