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Back At It: The State of The Hive Blockchain

By R23 | Supportive Crypto Community | 4 Apr 2022



I had a few days offline this weekend and it was a great break for me, but now we are right back at it.


The first thing that I checked up on when I got back online was the value of Polycub and where the xPolyCub ratio was at. As expected, the value of PolyCub has continued to decrease as more PolyCub are mined. However, as the Polycub per block has now decreased to 1, it is certainly possible that the bottom is in or near for price.

The xPolycub ratio is now pushing up to almost 20, which is continued proof that the number really does only go up in this case. As of writing this it is sitting around 19.64, though I wouldn't be shocked to see it hitting 20 within a day or two. That's a reminder that though the dollar value of PolyCub is on a downwards trend, you are holding more PolyCub than you were before as long as you are staking it in the xPolyCub contract or are farming it in another contract. Dollar value is not a full indicator of the potential here, though we all obviously want to see it heading upwards in the future.


The game economy has been at a bit of a stand-still, but that is not a bad thing. In my opinion, Splinterlands assets seem to be in an accumulation phase where people know they have a ton of value, but are not sure if they are able to reach those massive heights that they were at a few months ago. It is my belief that they surely can reach those levels again with the insane influxes of money we see to cryptocurrency gaming and play2earn, but only time will tell.

One issue that I'm seeing is that packs are selling very slow. Now don't get me wrong... Selling 8 million plus units in a game is a huge bullish sign, I'm just a bit surprised they haven't sold more already. Maybe there will be a big scoop up like we saw with the Untamed collection, but I want to see that next airdrop card ASAP, so I hope things start to get into more of a rhythm when it comes to pack sales.

Leo Finance

@leofinance is still killing the game as I've seen a ton of articles coming out as usual and the marketing that is being done is bringing in new users. Very happy to be a part of the community and seeing that it is a cryptocurrency and finance blogging space, I feel it is perfect for people who are new to crypto or web 3.0 and is a perfect niche to pick up users as adoption continues.

Dunk Social

Things are a bit slow on @dunksocial and that is partially my fault. I was not able to put as much into the project as I would have liked to over the last year, but there are a few very dedicated community members and I am hoping to provide a great platform for them in the future. As I get some more $ to innovate, I am seeking partnerships and extensions with other sports communities (i.e. fantasy sports, sports communities on Hive, etc.) and the future has a ton of potential. In the meantime, I am trying to get contests up regularly and keep the community involved, though I could do a better job of getting things out quicker! As the NBA season moves towards the playoffs, I hope to see some good engagement over there!

Come talk basketball on Dunk Social!



Come talk comedy on PeakD community - Com3dy Central


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My name is Rob and I am a prospective law student with interests in cryptocurrency and blockchain. I have enjoyed my time thus far engaging with Web 3.0 and am looking to continue learning more and sharing what I learn through my experience

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