A Little A Day Goes A Long Way

By R23 | Supportive Crypto Community | 5 Mar 2022



I do what I can to get out and post something each day on Hive, and Publish0x. I genuinely enjoy the writing and really want to grow my presence in these communities as we move towards the mainstream adoption of web 3.0; the rewards that are earned are a nice bonus, but I'm here because I want to get involved ahead of the curve.

My goals on all of these applications as a result of that thinking is to gain followers and engage with a few new people as often as I can. I have been working at it for over a year now, and I am really happy with how far I've come.

Growing Followers

Of course when you start on any site, you are starting from zero (well... 25 on Hive lol). It's actually quite democratizing in a sense because nobody gets to start ahead of the pack through things like a pre-mine or pre-made account with followers. You may have some influence on other sites, but it is not necessary at all in order to get yourself going on web 3.0. All you really need to do is show up and put in some quality thought and effort.

It comes up often, but it is such an important point: the most successful people on Hive or any web 3.0 platform aren't necessarily award winning authors or scientists. Rather, the people that find success are the one's who put the time and effort in and grow their accounts through daily work and investment. Of course not everything is easy and it isn't all roses and rainbows, but you don't need anything but a computer and an internet connection to make it on web 3.0. It feels so opposite to the rest of the experiences we have in the world, where connections and nepotism are often valued more than talent and effort. Web 3.0 is the fresh start that we needed for social media.

Stacking and Compounding Gains

Looking at stacking rewards, getting involved every day naturally will grow your opportunities for earning as you are talking to more people who all have the ability to upvote/like/share your post.

If you are able to make a few dollars a day and reinvest them into your platform, you will start to make a few more dollars and now after a year, I am finding that I am making an average of $10 or so a day between all platforms. This may not be a ton of money in absolute value, but I am able to reinvest it and eventually I'll start averaging $15 a day... Then $20... Then onwards. It just takes patience and consistent effort to give yourself a chance to experience the magic of compounding and a growing social network.

When looking at Hive specifically, the compounding effect is wildly important as your curation on other posts not only makes you money, but makes people more eager to engage with you (as they will know they will get a response if you are active and make it worth their efforts). I try to do what I can to answer every comment and reply that I get, even if it takes me longer than I would like sometimes. It is all about engaging and making connections that we would have never been able to make without the platform.

Why pass up the opportunity to grow, earn and learn for free? Web 3.0 is the future.

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Who I am:
My name is Rob and I am a prospective law student with interests in cryptocurrency and blockchain. I have enjoyed my time thus far engaging with Web 3.0 and am looking to continue learning more and sharing what I learn through my experience

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