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50 Days Clean From Gambling

By R23 | Supportive Crypto Community | 29 Mar 2022



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It's been a long and difficult road getting away from the temptation of gambling.

People usually don't like to talk about negative aspects of themselves, but that is something that I don't mind doing when it leads to some productive thinking or conclusions.

Over a year and a quarter ago, I decided to start doing blogging about cryptocurrency as a means of distracting myself from gambling. Well though I found it to be a productive outlet for my time, it didn't really stop me or accomplish the original goal that I had set out of quitting gambling.

We all have our vices in this world and there are things that can lead even the most disciplined of us to make bad decisions. I realized that I needed to get myself together after missing out on enormous gains (life changing for me) on Cardano because I had sold my holdings during a binge. I had collected roughly 40,000 Cardano when they were trading for roughly 8-10 cents. During the top of Cardano's run, tokens were trading for upwards of $2, enough to make my holdings worth enough for a downpayment on a nice house (and even more from the staking rewards that would have came).

Rather than looking on this with horrible distaste. I have used it as a springboard to make tangible changes in my life. I'm no psychic or expert trader. I saw a token that was cheap and it was lucky enough to find some momentum as Hoskinson started building their smart contract platform. Rather than thinking "oh man, that was my one chance", I began thinking "well if that was able to happen, there are surely many more chances for the same to happen in the future". So I haven't given up, I've simply learned from the mistake and am now moving forward.

For the first time since high school, I have been able to get through 50 days without making a single bet. With support of friends, family and my peers I am already starting to see my finances begin to build. I'm not sitting on a house-sized nest egg, but I'm also not losing anything anymore. I have what I have and I will continue to build up my holdings at a reasonable pace rather than trying everything possible to get rich overnight.

Addiction and compulsion is not something easily understood unless you or a loved one has gone through it, so I don't expect much understanding in this situation. My message here is, I'm kicking ass now and things are getting better by the day. We have so many great projects being discussed here on the daily that we are bound to all be sitting on a 100x gem if the market conditions favor us in the end. I believe that with patience and conviction, this is just the start for all of us. Let's get it!

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