SuperUMAns #14 - Charity Chain Event, Pixel Party and uDAO

By PVM | SuperUMAns | 5 Oct 2021

The uDAO campaign ended on the 30th of September with a big party. If you want to know more about uDAO you can read SuperUMAns #8 - Understanding uDAO.

I had so many things to do that Friday but I planned to spend a bit of time at the SuperUMAns party, and then focus on my tasks. It didn't go according to the initial plan as I spent the whole day (and night) having fun with my buddies. It all started with a Party Voice Chats and positive feedback for the 7 integrations for uDAO, but this is a story for another day.


The first planned event was the Charity Chain, where a pool was used to determine the charity that SuperUMAns will support. The participants will "pass the torch" until everyone will have the chance to add something in the pot.


"No Kid Hungry" was the top choice, with 51.61% of the votes. This national campaign is run by Share Our Strength, a non-profit organization that works to solve hunger and poverty related issues in the United States and around the world. 


The Charity Chain started with a donation of 112 $UMA from the UMA Foundation. I was exited, as everyone else, to see how much we'll have at the end of the charity chain. Every amount will make a difference but more will help more children. 


My turn came quickly and when you see a $1000 tip in your wallet you wonder what could you do with that money if it was yours! Well ... it wasn't mine so I tipped them to the next person on the list! 


About half an hour later, the Charity Chain reached  Alex Wilson from the Giving Block. Alex sorted out the donation to No Kid Hungry, and was in charge with the distribution. A total of 154.46 $UMA were collected in the event, $1374.75 at the 30th of September market price. 


The money reached the final destination and hopefully will make a change in the life of many children. The UMA Team and the SuperUMAns started the End of Campaign Party in style. No Kid Hungry received the donation and now was time to put some pixels on the canvas.


Pixel Party! Everyone was free to create whatever they wanted and I tried to do some SuperUMAn PVM logo and some other stuff around but as you can see my artistic skills are not as good as my content creations.


I decided to create a pattered pixel block, maybe inspired by the Proof of Beauty NFTs. This one looked neat and I was happy with the result. Do you have any idea how time consuming is adding pixel by pixel on the canvas? I tried to get back to the tasks I had in my planner but I always came back to add some more pixels. 


Ladies and gentlemen... here is the completed canvas done by my SuperUMAns! It took hours to reach this stage but it was all worth it! I feel we can change the world... one pixel at a time!


The day continued with new surprises and lots of fun. The new SuperUMAn logo competition winners were announced and this is the amazing work that won! I love the fresh and minimal design! The next day we had Nigerian music as well and a top POAP raffle!


The day (night) end up with a poker tournament and this below was the starting hand of the table. I feel sorry I didn't go all in after getting the full-house, because it ended up in a split. I was to tired to focus and ended up 6th out of seven participants. I wanted to sleep but I end up watching the whole tournament, as the final was full of all-ins, suspanse and a great came back from Ap0ll0! Congratulations to everyone!


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