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Richard Heart HEX Token

Richard Heart's Hex Token Reaches New Price High (c0.0007 Hex/USD) on the Ethereum Blockchain!

This is an incredible achievement for Richard Heart and his Hex Token project! Price usually speaks volumes! 

Hex Token Price Chart (All Time) - And An All Time High Price!

Hex Toke Price

This is especially amazing after all the criticism and scam talk. Some of it of course seems valid. And therefore one should tread carefully. It should be said that the AA Lobby (where you swap ETH to "self" mint HEX) is being likely held up by Richard himself cycling ETH from previous lobbies (see Total ETH column). 

The HEX AA Lobby is on Day 137 of 351. So if you do want to participate (after your own due diligence) and get some HEX (with a 10% bonus) via the AA lobby (link to your MetaMask wallet) > Use



Nevertheless the "investors" or participants holding HEX (since late last year) and staking it are much richer. And that isn't a bad thing! It's crypto after all.


HEX Returns ATL

As shown in the image above it is currently 12.35x for USD, 13.01x for BTC, and 9.84x for ETH. All these drivers can move HEX towards the magical numbers...time will tell...but a promising start.

Richard wants HEX to be worth more than BTC and get a 10,000x or more return for early adopters.

Well I am watching this project closely. Richard seems to be managing the rise of HEX well. He made much of his money in marketing.

Love him or hate him...Watch this space - I'd say!



If you want to get some Hex with a 10% bonus via the AA lobby (link to your MetaMask wallet) > Use

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