GooseBet Is Fun and Cool! Daily Profit Share Is A Good Extra Income!

GooseBet Is Fun and Cool! Daily Profit Share Is A Good Extra Income!

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My GooseBet Experience So Far...

This is a follow up on my last post (see below). I have reached my mining target for GBT tokens using the Dice game at 95% (and autoplay, also lets say I deposit 1,000 TRX, then use about 2% of it for the betting amount, e.g., 20 TRX. Of course you could just roll 1 TRX at a time, lol. My goal was to gain a recurring income from the site. See end of post for image of Dice setup (maximum spend to get more GBT). Note: Spending TRX now (say 1000trx) to earn daily dividends later.


1650 GBT Target reached. Daily USD payout $7-8 per day. So this will be recurring income!

Now the best time to mine is the first 60 days. As the dividend pool $373k distribution goes down each day by 0.2% until it reaches 3%. So the current payout is 12.8%, started at 15% on day 1. It's now day 12. But it gets harder each day to mine GBT tokens for profit sharing (855 TRX played = 1 GBT token, goes up by 5 TRX per day). They also have BTC, ETH and TRX-USDT you can play with instead.

Once it reaches 20% of all mined GBT tokens (5.7% now) the BGT token will be listed on exchanges! So moved from an income token to an asset token too! ;) The market will value GBT. 

I expect the revenue per day to go down until the 3% is reached then the dividend pool will start rising, with regular playing it will start to climb (imo at least $15-20k per day). Then go up relative to new GBT mined!

This site has awesome designs and a long roadmap for gamification and entertainment, and marketing looks great with a big rollout imminent, including referrals and social media promoters. This is a similar site in the making to the successful BetFury one. But in its own lane! First slot games have also been added.

I have also won two awards total 500 TRX from betting volumes via the Dice game and won 11 hourly betting amount races (very profitable) - see my account images below. 

Feel free to join today!

Daily Payout $$$


Rewards $$$


My Dividends $$$


Races Won (Excerpt only as list of winnings is 9*4 rows) $$$


SO 4 or 5 ways of making crypto money!!!  on GooseBet! And of course if your lucky you can win betting.






My Last Publish Post with full details:

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Dice Roll Setup Once it looks like this picture - click Start Auto! Example of 20 TRX if you had deposited at least 1000 TRX






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