WAX - R-planet staking still makes sense?

By Ignis fatuus | Strange crypto | 28 Mar 2021

I had great expectations for R-Planet.

You could stake NFTs. The game that was going to be released seemed interesting.


After grinding alien worlds cards and kolobok prizes I had 100000 Aether.

I bought 4 elements. I put them in the generator.


I lost 40000 Aether. I lost the elements i bought. I went to the Alcor exchange and I sold the rest of the Aether for 60 wax.

I continued grinding and staking. The value of the NFTs I staked halved without a warning.

I continued grinding and staking anyway. The price of Aether was also plummeting, but it didn't take much time sending koloboks on adventures and alien worlds could be fun once it is completely developed.

When the price of Aether went down to 0.0006 I bought some cheap alien worlds card, in sixty days i could sell the staked returns, so free cards.

Now I have almost 300 cards staked and 200000 Aether that would sell for 10 wax.

The value of Ather has gone down hard.


Staking I'm making 384 Aether a hour. It's 9000 a day, 0.5 wax a day. 2 euro a month.

It's free money. The question is I am sure that i'm not going to lose those staked cards for whatever reason?

I spent a lot of time collecting them.

So probably I'll wait a week or two, if the price still goes down I'll stop staking and sell the Aether when the colonization phase starts.


Update 17/04/21

The price is going up.


I've sold yesterday 40000 Aether for 30 wax. Surely the alien world craze and the land sale has something to do with it.

I still think the game sucks and the sucking would affect the value of the token. Let's see where it goes from here.










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