Great TRX token - Mrcorycookies (MRC)

By Ignis fatuus | Strange crypto | 10 Mar 2021

On Tronscan you can find plenty of tokens, serious, strange or scammy.

TRC 10 tokens are very easy and cheap to create and can be used as a marketing tool for a project.

I found a great TRX token called Mrcorycookies (MRC).


The official website is this

You can read the story from the site or you can make a search on youtube, it's inspirational stuff.


On the site is stated that they accept btc.



There's no mention on what the token will be used and is held for now by only one account, but I think it's an example on how crypto and crypto related project can be used by a wider public (in this case maybe advertisement).



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Ignis fatuus

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