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By KharmaScribbles | Stories of HODL | 19 Jul 2019

Friend Swap Friday! 🗣 - EoBot Cloud Mining

EoBot ~ Free, Easy and Legit Cloud Mining Faucet

Welcome to Friend Swap Friday! Today I bring to you the first instalment to my weekly theme for Fridays.

    Here's How this Works:

On a weekly basis I will share an exciting website, service or app/game related to the crypto industry - and your job is to join with my referral link, be an active user for a week ^1 and in return I will do the same for you as long as you share an exciting referral link with me in the comments of the post.

Hence it is a referral ‘swap’, so similar to #FollowFridayson Twitter except we are following each other’s affiliate links.

Some Guidelines which I follow when recommending sites and apps for this feature -
This means you can count on my articles to be genuine, including:

  1. There will never be a need for a referrals to spend money or invest in the services. You can be a beneficial referral for free!
    • The only requirement for the Swap to take place is that you actively use the app for a few days.
  2. Sites have been vetted by me and have been used by me consistently and they work as intended and payout as promised.
    • I will never recommend a scam or HYIP. I have done my research and used the site for a considerable amount of time and would vouch for it 100%
  3. All referred sites will be crypto related and provide some value or benefit to you.
    • So I won’t be sharing links to join up at exchanges or anything like that unless there is some bonus involved for both parties.


  • You must sign up using my link or my referral code I write in the post.
  • You should try to be an active referral for 1 week
  • Be sure to comment my post and share your own referral link to me.
  • Optional If you enjoy the site, publish your own review of it or alternatively, share this Swap post with your social media followers!

EOBOT - Easy and Legit Cloud Mining

I use a Chromebook as my only desktop/tablet device; and they are not very good machines to use for crypto mining. I’ve always felt left-out and have spent a lot of nights researching for a way I could participate in mining by using my Chromebook. One sure fire way is to use a VPN or cloud server, but a dedicated one is usually required in order to be allowed to mine cryptocurrency. I can’t afford that so had to look for alternatives.

Renting cloud mining rigs is the next best thing, but so many sites which claim to ‘cloud mine’ are just pure scams; Pyramid schemes that don’t own any actual mining hardware, and are just there to eventually run off with your money.

I can count the number of legitimate cloud mining companies on one hand, literally. They do exist, but you have to do your due diligence to find out which they are and which will give you the best features or profits you’re looking for.

One downfall of cloud mining sites is that normally in order to start you have to put down a minimum investment; you need to purchase hash power, which is the rate of power your mining rig calculates the math needed to solve the equations, and find a block in order to get the reward. However with Cloud mining, hash can work a little differently; It simply means the speed at which you will mine coins.

Eobot is unique and has no minimum hash rates to buy. I started here months ago absolutely free! It’s a slow process without investing, but after awhile once I had earned some extra crypto from my other endeavours, I started to invest some in Eobot so that I could mine faster.

So how do you start for free, you ask?
Eobot offers a daily faucet, which will provide a little bit of whatever currency you currently have set to mine. You can also mine for hash rate, so what I did for awhile was set it to mine my coin of choice, but I would switch the setting to mine hash rate just before heading to the faucet, then switch back to the coin after. This way, I would mine for coin but get free hash from the faucet daily.

You are also able to reinvest your mined coins back into hash rate. Or you can deposit and exchange coins for hash rate too.

How to Get Started with Eobot

First, you will want to sign up and use a valid email address: Eobot

Next, be sure to verify the email you should receive shortly. Also important to note that each time you login, Eobot will send you an email that you need to click in order to successfully login; however you can go to account security settings and change this to using a 2FA code1 instead; which is what I’ve done since getting an email each time you need to login can quickly become tedious.

All navigational items are linked from the menu up top. First you will want to head over to your Account page, and set up the currency or hash you want to get from your first faucet visit. You can do so by selecting from the Mining drop-down located on the left side above your currencies on the Account page:

As you see here, mine is currently set up for GHS 6.0, which is using the newer Antminer rig.

The difference in GHS really comes down to fees, the fees are automatically subtracted before you receive your mining earnings, which is good to note that the balance you see is the balance you own, fees have already been paid.

You can use this Mining Calculator to calculate profits,
it's located under the "Products - Cloud Mining" menu.

The fees will fluctuate depending on current market values and are based on USD. Don’t worry, your GHS will pause mining if the fee gets to a point where it would become unprofitable for you.

The faucet is also located from the Products - Faucet menu, you need to solve the captcha in order to get your reward. You can use the faucet once every 24 hours:

After solving the captcha, the page will refresh and 
your reward will be posted underneath the captcha box, see above.

If you have been collecting from the faucet or been mining for a few days, you should have a bit of coin you might like to reinvest, or if you decided to make a deposit to Eobot, it’s very easy to exchange those coins for hash power (GHS). You’ll want to head over to the Products - Exchange menu, and if you scroll down the page you’ll see a drop-down like this:

On the left is the coin you want to exchange, and the right is
what you want to exchange it 'to'.  
You can exchange between the different currencies, 
or what we are after here are the 'Cloud SHA' contracts. 
You can purchase 10 year contracts in GHS 5.0, or GHS 6.0.  

Another thing I'd like to highlight here is that you can also
purchase a LOT of GHS for a 24-hour contract period. 
I recommend this to give you a boost when first starting out,
because you can set your account to mine fast for 24 hours to
give you a boost if you don't plan on investing yet. My advice
is to set it to mine for more GHS during this time.

After making your selections, the page should refresh and 
show you your calculation for what you are exchaging.  
The site takes a 5% fee on all exchanges, so a wise thing
to do is save up and exchange in larger quantities once you've
aquired your first bit of hash power.


Here are some of the main features and guidelines of Eobot:

I’ve invested quite a few times here already, and currently mining Tron (TRX).

If you decide to invest, it’s important to note that there is a low minimum deposit threshold.
You can see all the details by going to the User ID# - Deposit menu. Different coins take different lengths of time to show up in your account. For example, when I deposited LTC it was there almost immediately, but when I went to deposit DOGE another time it took about 8 hours to show in my account. As long as you send over the minimum just give it some time, if you wait longer than 48 hours just email support with your tx hash and they can manually credit your account, everything is recorded on the blockchain so it’s never useful to panic when dealing with crypto transactions. No reason to panic.

Of course there is also a minimum withdraw threshold as well, and you can find these by going to USER ID# - Withdraw menu.

There you have it! I highly recommend Eobot for some passive, extra earnings especially if you are unable to mine with your own hardware. Eobot will not make you rich over night, or even in a month, but slowly you can build up a nice hash rate and for me, any profit is free money and why turn down a free income source?!

It may seem a little complicated having outlined all these steps, but once you do it once you will see it’s super easy, you can even ‘set it and forget it’!

There is an active chatroom you can use if you get stuck or have any questions, and I’m also able to answer any questions you may have if you ak them in the comments.

So, how can you take part in this referral swap? Just sign up for a free Eobot account using the links in this article, be sure that you get some free hash power by using the faucet, set the currency or hash you’d like to mine and comment that you’ve done so in the comments here - don’t forget to leave me your link for a site you’d like to refer me to!

I ask that you login to Eobot at least one more time around the end of the week in order to qualify. Eobot allows me to keep track of the last time individual referrers last logged in, so this way I am able to see who has been active and who hasn’t. The more active you are, the more hash you can earn and the more bonus I too will receive. :)

Of course, you can sign up without taking part in my ‘swap’ if you don’t have any sites you’d like to refer me to, I’d still appreciate you using my link as a thank you for the introduction and review.

This is my first “Friend Swap Friday” so let’s make it a success! Any questions about Eobot or my themed feature, Fridays, feel free to reach out in the comments! See you in the clouds!

© KharmaScribbles || ~ 2019

*DISCLAIMER: The views expressed are my own and not influenced by any of the companies, coins or services I mention in this review. This is NOT a sponsored endorsement but I do receive a commission if you sign up under my link(s).
This is not meant as investment advice and you should know that cryptocurrency is a volatile market and all the coins could be worth nothing one day and we’d have nothing to show for it. Please use your own judgment and research to see if cryptocurrency is right for you.
I am still new to crypto and don’t know enough about all the coins to make a prediction on profitability and I might enjoy a coin that is a terrible choice to you, however I am not responsible for the things that you choose to do.

Originally posted on publish0x, eventually might be cross-posted to Steemit.

: : This is a themed feature, read more about them here. : :

  1. Desktop/Chrome extension for using 2FA Authenticator ↩︎

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