Theme Days - Something New Everyday!

By KharmaScribbles | Stories of HODL | 17 Jul 2019

Introducing Theme Days!

Everyday, something new!

So I have the problem of having many unfinished drafts sitting around my writing folders, so many ideas that don’t get polished up enough to get published. I’m trying to put a stop to this and organise the mess by giving myself theme days to work with every day of the week. I’m hoping it will bring me motivation to pick one piece and finish it and have it published by my deadlines.

Everyday of the week will have a theme for the topic of my articles. Some days will be weekly features ~ meaning I will strive to post them each and every week. Other days will have a monthly feature ~ meaning at least once a month on that day I will post a theme article.

Theme Days

|| Have Fun Day 📌 - Highlight and review a fun site or game app which I would recommend to you.

|| What’s in The News? 📌- My own opinion on a trending crypto news article/run-down of past weeks crypto highlights (non-market related)

|| Winning Hands 📍 - Show off some fun and completely free way to earn some Crypto!
|| What’s New Wednesdays 📌 - Introduce a new crypto {new to me} or dApp that might interest you.

|| Throwback Thursdays 📍 - Just a fun article highlighting something news worthy of the past that may have been forgotten!

|| Weekly Friends Swap Fridays 📌 - My favourite part of the week! Here will be a referral swap where I review one of the sites I play and ask you to sign up and if you remain active for a week I will return the favour for you!

Saturday and Sunday
|| News/Random/Updates - Anything personally new in my crypto adventures, also the weekend is reserved as days of rest, so opinions or features may not be published on these days.

📌: Weekly Feature
📍: Features monthly on that day 
during any week

I’m hoping this will provide much needed motivation and fun so that I can polish off my many drafts and have something for you the readers to look forward to!

Stay tuned for my first feature for the series, something new for ‘What’s New Wednesday’!

Originally posted on publishx0, eventually cross-posted to Steemit.

© KharmaScribbles || ~ 2019

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Stories of HODL

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