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Lebron James Signed… What Does It Mean For Crypto.com?

Apart from the crypto.com arena, Lebron James, one of the Iconic superstar NBA player has signed to team up with crypto.com to teach kids about blockchain. Crypto.com has once again made big steps forward to their company’s vision. Their marketing budget and strategy has never fail to impress CRO stakeholders.

lebron james and crypto.com partnership

Lebron James Is Serious On This

He has tweeted and tagged crypto.com with his LJFamfoundation that they are about to partner and develop tools to educate more kids onboard to crypto and web 3.0. "I want to ensure that communities like the one I come from are not left behind," James said.

lebron tweeted crypto.com

He is currently working on the I Promise program which works to keep academically at-risk students in the classroom on the path to college degree. They will learn about the technology and related career fields of the web 3.0.

Where Could CRO End Up?

crypto.com price chart

When more people get to know crypto.com, they’d get to know the benefits of card staking. Therefore, more CRO will be staked which would lead to higher support level of CRO price since the circulating CRO would be lesser. With better support level, there would be higher chance of having positive ROI in the future. Additionally when CRO has a fixed supply of certain amount like Bitcoin, it’d offer scarcity in this eco-system which could sky rocket price in the long run. These strategies that crypto.com is making would lead to a domino effect of the company valuation which would benefit the stakeholder at the end of the day.


All may sound like a fairytale or a project that could be too good to be true. However, I feel that how the team execute their moves tells me that they’re very confident to be the leader of the crypto space in years to come.


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