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Doncic Never Stops!

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We all talking about him since last season, he has choosen NBA Rookie of the year with %100 votes! He is braking the records since day 1 and he keeps doing that.. Yes i am talking about Doncic, Luca! He brake one more NBA record last night and surpas...

LeBron Keeps Breaking The Records!

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He never attended to college because he was good enough to play NBA when he was 18 and in nearly 20 years he is killing it and breaking it! I can't remember about his achivements and he is still doing great things and he is 36 years old today.. I hav...

Golden State Warriors.. End of the story!

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Golden State Warriors.. The strongest team in NBA in last 5 years. They are on NBA finals since 2015, 5 consecutive years and they could maneged to gain 3 championships in 5 finals.. First championship season was great, everyone supported GSW because...

Larry Bird Fights

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Larry Bird was a true legend and ş am sure everyone agrees on that. He played some great basketball and gained everyones love. Sometimes Larry was too focused in games and that's why he could be very angry.. I made a short video which is 90 seconds,...