Splinterlands Town Hall Recap Airdrop Cards Reviewed and DEC Giveaway

I hope you are all doing well. We are back up a little in the market but I know a lot are worried that the bear is here. I will tell you what I did last bear market. I grew all my splinterlands holdings and it worked out great when the bull kicked off. Now the new players have a shot to do that with Chaos Legion. I break down some key stuff I saw in the Town Hall. Then I gave away 1000 DEC make sure to check out the post comment below for your shot to win. I also review the new Airdrop Cards

Hive Post To Enter Giveaway

Townhall Post

Time Stamps
0:00 Intro
0:55 Town Hall Recap Start
9:55 Eye Candy Leaks
10:50 DEC Winner
12:50 Iza The Fanged
17:14 Lira The Dark
21:20 Grum Flameblade
26:01 Wrap Up

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SteverR82 Blockchain Games and Projects
SteverR82 Blockchain Games and Projects

I am a fan of Blockchain Games as they allow users to own the items. As the projects grow some of them are going to let items be moved from one game to another. It is setting the stage for finding a great weapon that can move with you from game to game. Or finding an item that will pay for you to start up in a new game. I am also a fan of any Blockchain Project that is looking to take power away from centralized platforms that take advantage of their customers. Like Celsius and

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