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This week we should get to see a lot of different lineups if we check the posts. Because the team pulled out the dragons. Make sure you check out the Challenge here if you want to take part in this. I don't have a lot of dragon cards on my account but I do have a few and I was able to set up a team that worked out just like I wanted. The battle is a little short but really highlights a few of the dragon cards and how they can dominate a battle.


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The Line Up
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We got the first thing dragons like high mana with 40. The rulesets set us up for a quick battle. Enrage and blast will make every attack important. Sometimes you want to go first other times you want to go after you got hit so you hit back even harder. But with blast, you might not get to attack at all if you are too slow. I went with DRAKE OF ARNAK as my summoner for the one armor. With only Death, Fire, and Dragon in silver 3, I didn't think many mages would be on the board so I want to protect my guys from an attack or that first blast damage. Then I lined up the Desert Dragon upfront. He has 3 armor himself and while he is a little slow he has trample. Trample with blast and enrage should be pretty crazy if it works. Next, I put THE GORLODON. He is there to just take all that blast damage. To let my ranged and magic attackers get off their attacks. Sniper attacks with blast always are cool so snuck in the DEATH ELEMENTAL. Next, I put in 2 bigger archers and in the last spot the Naga Assassin. With that 5 speed and a armor, I was hoping for a few misses.

My opponent went with a Death team. Lowering my HP and attack. He did counter my blast tank with sneak monsters. Do you think that I can win this fight? It might not look like it but let's get into the battle. You can watch the full replay here


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Round 1
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This was decided right away. Can you see what is about to happen? With the buffs on now it starts to become clear. Naga will hit first but that will enrage both the Huanted Spirt and the Shiv. So Shiv will hit next and melt away the armor of both my back line archers. Then the Death Eletemtals will attack and enrage the rest of the attackers with their blast damage. Thanks to their level advantage my achers will strike next and the blast damage will take out the Shiv and it looks like I am pulling ahead. His Dhampir Stalker and Haunted Spirt attack. Both land blows but with my idea of armor and high HP secondary tank, it doesn't do much. But then the Sand Worm lands a major hit. My Naga and Dhampir Stalker die. Could the sneak attacks work out? Well, that is when the Desert Dragon and trample end this fight. His blasting trample attack kills off the Haunted Spirt, Sand Worm, and Death Elemental. My Gorlondon lands one last blow but the fight is over.

It might be better to watch to see how man swings in the battle happened.




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Round 2
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At this point, the last round was just to allow my guys to take a few victory swings. He doesn't have a monster that will get to attack this turn. The Death Elemental will strike first and bring down the Dhampir Stalker, Disintegrator will land upfront with 4hp left but the Octopider will leave it at one and the Desert Dragon will land the final blow.



This was a nice win for me and kept a streak going. I am enjoying this new account a lot. Renting has been great as it is allowing me to play in silver 3 with a smaller investment. It is fun to pull off the quest and get to claim chests with real rewards in them. Make sure you sign up while packs are still on sale because it won't last forever.

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