The 'PlayMining' DEA project allows players to earn points and use them in real life

By stvleong | Steven Leong | 27 May 2020

In order to protect copyright of individual artworks, the DEA Project is a blockchain-based digital entertainment platform that includes digital arts, sports, and various other entertainment types, by creating digital objects for the purposes of gaming. DEAPcoin was minted in 2019 as their utility token. The firm is also starting a "PlayMining" platform, where users can play games and earn real-life points.

The people behind the DEA project share the vision, the advantages, the 'PlayMiner' platform and other upcoming projects for 2020 in a recent interview with AMBCrypto.

What's Deapcoin 's mission? Tell us about the project's main vision.

As mentioned, the DEA project is a digital entertainment multimedia blockchain platform that features digital arts, games and other entertainment. The platform aims to solve a problem by creating digital art assets which could be utilized in gaming that protect the copyrights of individual artworks. The company has launched the "PlayMining" platform, where anyone can play games and earn real-life points.

Can you list some of Deapcoin's main advantages?

Many users from many ways will keep DEAPcoin solely for gamers who enjoy on our platform and even for those who want to invest in digital assets. Digital assets can be used to promote gambling immediately, but can represent physical assets in a variety of forms, such as the ownership of property rights.

DEP has now been listed in three exchanges and it is commendable that this took place within just 1 month of the IEP. How do you think about it?

We plan to extend the DEAPcoin to different exchanges across the globe from different areas. The listing of the exchanges in 3 trade shows the immense potential and hopes that this definition of the "Spiel & Gain" in the gaming industry would soon become a trend. DEA will continue its efforts to list other exchanges with DEP tokens.

DEA, a "PlayMining" platform that uses block chain as the underlying technology to build a significant digital entertainment economy. Can you discuss this concept and also what exactly is the DEA platform and how useful it is for users?

Source: Deapcoin


The DEAProject is based on the idea to connect the world of gaming with reality so that you can use coins that you earn from these games. The second aim is to approach Japanese subculture, manga, and anime copyright in a contemporary environment. By digitalizing the works on blockchain, you will be able to ensure the validity of originals and provide the creators of contents with incentives when art is traded on the secondary market.

The PlayMining Platform is made of three elements: 'DEA Bank,' 'Digital Art Auction' and the 'Game.' All three of these elements are associated with the platform user's Digital Entertainment Asset ('Digital Asset') and platforms are designed for inter-connected operation.


Digital entertainment assets are digital assets such as digital art and the PlayMining platform's digital content. Digital assets are managed in a private blockchain, which is a standard ERC721, distributed by each asset as a unique fungible token (NFT). Digital assets are managed as an asset.

The first game title will be launched on 26 May. Tell us about your excitement and your hopes?

The founders of traditional entertainment and gaming companies were founded in August 2018. They are team members. It was a long time waiting since we had seen ourselves playing games in the world of Blockchain, that we were excited to see the idea of our company to protect copyrights for Japanese culture, animated and game-oriented industries and to gain the role of entertainment that penetrates conventional entertainment industries.

Tell us about Jobtribe and PlayMining games from Deapcoin.


"JobTribes," a game that is based on a bestseller of the 400.000 executive book on the wages of Japanese workers (Japan wages and career encyclopedia) and the history of a plotmaker, Shin Kibayashi, is the first game to be released on the PlayMining platform. JobTribes' characters are developed by talented manga and anime designers like Haruhiko Mikimoto, who have a huge global fan base.

In addition, this game has a very important social mission. Through playing this game, we hope that playminers from different countries will be able to achieve common understanding and appreciation for people with different jobs.

The "DEA Bank" and the "Digital Art Auction" will influence each other and facilitate the distribution between playminers of digital assets and the exchange of value. We have created a brand new cryptocurrency called the DEAPcoin to create such a financial field and to enable the buying and selling of digital assets.


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