Justin Sun Allegedly rigged his own poll with bots to win ETH 2.0 vote

Justin Sun Allegedly rigged his own poll with bots to win ETH 2.0 vote

By stvleong | Steven Leong | 25 May 2020

TRON founder Justin Sun recently held a poll on Twitter where he asked the question: ‘TRON 4.0 vs. Ethereum 2.0: Which one is better?’

The poll had Ethereum 2.0 in the lead with 72.2 per cent of the cast of 20,300 votes. The findings, however, were quickly flipped onto their back. Hours later, with another 30 thousand votes cast seemingly from nowhere, TRON led.

Some caught up with what was happening and began accusing Sun of buying votes to sway the results in his favor. As one Twitter user (@weidustin) points out, the latest going price for 30.000 votes amounts to about $990. That doesn't sound like a reasonable use of capital from investors.


The first 20,000 or so votes had a commitment rate of 7.7 percent, while the next 30,000 or so votes had a commitment rate of just 1.7 percent. There was something fishy happening and people were definitely noticing.

Justin Sun has more than 2M fans, as The Crypto Monk (@thecryptomonk) pointed out, but only a small fraction of that actually interacts with his tweets.



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