New Crypto Product Launch: Bitcurate LIVEFEED - Your 1-stop crypto alert

By stvleong | Steven Leong | 27 May 2020

Have you ever came across a platform where you can get all the latest crypto updates; AI forecast, social sentiment updates, blockchain analytics, liquidation alerts, price action, trading strategies, fear & greed sentiment all in one platform?

Well, there's a lot of platform out there especially in Telegram but it doesn't came close to this Bitcurate Livefeed: 1-stop crypto alert.
This platform is build by Bitcurate ( and it is their first product launch to the crypto market. They are helping users to solve their daily monitoring issues whereby they don't have to worry a bit whether users are out from their house or vacation. Most platform only have like crypto news in a platform or price updates in a platform but this is different. To know more, i have included the launch of this product where Mr. Victor Lee founder and CEO of Bitcurate explain further about what it does and how can it helps investors and traders by using this platform.

Why Bitcurate LIVEFEED?

Every trader and investor understands the importance of timing, up-to-date data, and unbiased information. Each delayed or wrong decision results in missed opportunity and worst, losses in profitability.

Bitcurate LIVEFEED intends to bridge this gap by providing; simple, intuitive, and real-time information at your fingertips.
We aggregate, filter, analyze, and provide the most up-to-date and unbiased information that is useful for you to gain an unfair advantage, today. Source:

Features in LIVEFEED platform

Market Insights
Providing daily market insights straight to your inbox and Telegram channel.


Global Bitcoin News
Get all the latest breaking news on bitcoin. Be the first to know the most important news and information in crypto.


Social - Influencer Highlights
Understand what these thought leaders say, without missing a beat.


Exchanges Prices Updates
Get the crypto-prices from the top market pairs from the top exchanges, globally.


Cryptocurrency Price - Spread
See the real price, spread %, and market volume at the top exchanges.


Price Movements - Highlights
Track crypto price changes daily, weekly, and monthly.


Fear & Greed Sentiment
Fear and greed drive market emotion. Tracking this number enables you to understand the market's emotions.


If this is what you are looking for, you can join Bitcurate LIVEFEED today by clicking the link below!


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