Music Compilation #23 (Conjure One)

By stevea68 | SteveA | 20 Dec 2020

I discovered Conjure One quite a few years ago and found it quite a fascinating mix of styles with lyrics that inspired a lot of thoughts.  The music flows well and has a bit of an exotic feel to it, for me.

I'd forgotten about it after "rage quitting" the internet back then when I basically wiped every link or password I could to any type of social media, including e-mailand maybe even close to 10,000 music videos links ... but I couldn't quite give up watching Youtube music videos, nor the memories.  Too hard to let go of.

Anyway, I just remembered about this band and went to search for some of the music again.  This particular video doesn't seem to have the music exactly like I remember, but I'm not complaining.  It actually sounds a little BETTER than I remember and I'm thankful for little surprises like that in life :)

Endless Dream by Conjure One

One of my favorites :) 

Extraordinary Way by Conjure One

Apparently, they're still making music, or at least I don't remember this song.  When I began listening, it was tempting to search for something else, but it evolved and I stayed on path following the Pilgramage by Conjure One.

Ah ha!  I found a video that I remember seeing before.  It's ironic that it's rather exotic and mysterious in musical styles, lyrics and the video as well but it's also familiar because I remember enjoying it before.  A fascinating insight into some of the strange juxtapositions in life.

Anyway, I'll wish you guys a good evening and sweet dreams to Sleep with Conjure One

Nighters (though in your case it may be good morning ... see how strange things can be? ;) )

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