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Cat videos!!! (Yes, I broke down and had to do it)

By stevea68 | SteveA | 5 Feb 2021

There comes a time for every internet dweller where they must give in to the temptation of sharing some cat videos.  My time is now, ;)

Pets have their own unique personalities and some are completely adorable or funny.  Here are a few recent finds for you:

This cat hasn't yet learned to keep a safe distance from sleeping dogs ... ;)

I wonder how many people are jealous of this kitten? :D  ( I can just hear someone saying "Adopt me!!" LOL )

I've also seriously seen some pet foods where I was thinking "Don't waste that on a cat.  Give it to me!! =) 

Apparently kids can appreciate a cute kitty too.  This cat looks almost exactly like ours when she was little.  She wasn't very friendly or playful then but now she almost greets everyone passing by (and I think she even likes teasing the smaller dogs that come around ... but the larger dogs, not so much ;) ).

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