XRP and TRON - What did a trader say?

XRP and TRON - What did a trader say?

Monday a trader who did not want to identify himself, spoke about these two cryptocurrencies and their potential. Before starting to talk about them, just to point out, this trader has been gaining confidence for his tips on cryptocurrencies.

What he said about them

The article says: "In his analysis of TRX, Kaleo takes into account the TRX / BTC pair. For him, the TRX chart is very reminiscent of Dogecoin (DOGE) before the cryptocurrency appreciated more than 983%.

At the time, it went from 0.00000024 to 0.0000026 satoshis, within a week.

"This graph gives me vibrations of pre-appreciation of DOGE. When it bursts, it will be completely vertical. I have a bag of TRX," he said.

Then Kaleo turned his analysis over to XRP. According to him, the cryptocurrency is positioning itself to revise its historical record (ATH) of $ 3.84.

"The possibility of a disruption leading to a return to the old ATH is too tempting to take too long," said Kaleo.
At the moment, the price of XRP is $ 0.58, about $ 3.21 on the national price. The cryptocurrency has suffered a sharp drop since the SEC's lawsuit filed against it.

However, Kaleo believes that the XRP has come out of its worst moment. In an ironic tone, he says that he liked the current configuration of “shitcoin” and, with that, is operating long.

“Apparently, it is the season of currency scams. When it comes to shitcoins, I'm a trader and I really like this setup. I'm bought, ”he said."


In addition to these two cryptocurrencies he also talks about two others that he says is about to give an up! What are they? He says:" First is BitTorrent (BTT). According to him, BTT is consolidating after its meteoric rise on March 5th. With that, she is heading for her new record.


“This entry was right. Buy when everyone is scared. It looks ready to go up to a new ATH as soon as this diagonal is cleared ”, he warned.

The second cryptocurrency is Kin, which is relatively unknown. However, Kaleo says it has enormous growth potential. "


I confess that if these tips are phenomenal, even I will follow you more closely...

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