The value of Hive cannot measured by it's token price.

By niallon11 | HIVE Blockchain | 3 Mar 2021

The title of this post might be slightly misleading as one of the biggest measures of value lies in the token price. If that dropped to 1c you can be sure that most people would leave the system for greener pastures. But it is not a true measure of a projects value.

There is so much hidden value that price is not enough to rely on. It's just the part that people see.


With hive, community and development is the key to everything and that has no price on it. That is what drives the whole eco-system and cannot be bought or sold. Those are the unseen rewards that you get from being part of a group with a vision and purpose to grow.


Some people might complain that the price of hive has not shot up like other tokens with less use case but we are still a new project with one year under the hood. There are many more to come and the development has been off the charts for such a small group.

We have found a nice level for now and the price of hive is set at whatever people are willing to sell it for. I’m not willing to sell it for 30c so that makes me believe it’s undervalued. There have been plenty people willing to sell other high priced tokens when they were in their early stages and they are all kicking themselves now. Short term gains but long term regret.
Those people are also not looking at the bigger picture. Development on top of development. Having a hive account opens you up to everything else that is built on the chain and if we keep going at this rate there will be a hell of a lot built onto hive over the next few years.

We are all looking at the @leofinance team right now and expecting big things from them. The best part is that they want to bring the whole community along for the ride. LEO tokens were airdropped to active users in the first place. They made us all stakeholders for free and we jumped in with vigor. They have built up a great project and are about to expand massively and again will be bringing us along for the ride.

The best part is that I haven’t had to put in a single dollar into the project and have now built up a stake of 4,000 LEO at $0.80. I did buy with hive and delegate to the leo.voter account to earn more which is a brilliant way to earn passive income.

People don’t factor that into the price of hive when they are looking short term. That is another 15% onto my account value never mind all of the other tokens tied to the wallet. @splinterlands cards locked into the account and everything else that hive opens up just my having stake. APR on holdings, curation rewards for the account and opportunities at every turn.

In the long term all of these additions could overtake my actual hive value but they all stem from staking hive in the first place. It is the key to growth in the eco-system and selling for 30c is very short sighted.

This is just my opinion but people should be stacking as fast and hard as they can while others are willing to sell at these prices. I know that you won’t be getting any of my hard earned hive anytime soon but I’m happy to take yours at a discount.
Where else can you keep earning more stake everyday just for turning up and being part of the community?

Even staking hive earns you 3% while you are using it to earn more returns. These days wont last forever as more applications appear on the system and suck up hive from the markets. We can see it happen now with some of the other crypto which have been building for years. They hit critical mass from building applications and suddenly there isn’t enough supply to go around.
For now we have sellers but at some point that will turn into buyers as more people want to get involved with a game, app, liquidity pool, tribe, ect.

Constant added value should be the new marketing message for hive.

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