Is the Brave browser losing it's payout appeal?

By niallon11 | HIVE Blockchain | 18 Feb 2021

With any successful project it is better to be in as early as possible. I have been using the brave web browser since it was in beta all the way up until February when it reach 25 million users.


The main benefit of being in early to a good project is having a better chance of accumulating as much stake as possible before others notice it and want some for themselves.
(Still early with HIVE)

This works in two ways. You want the project to stay quiet while you accumulate and you also want more people to come in at some stage to drive it's popularity and it's price.

Since brave opened up it's payout scheme in Europe during the last year it has been great to accumulate extra BAT for doing what I was used to doing on chrome and using what is a better browser before we even look at any rewards from it.

The browser is better for speed, utility and protecting your online privacy compared to other major players. On top of that if you decide to switch on the ads service you will receive rewards in their native token where applicable.

Unfortunately we have now reached that tipping point of popularity over product and the monthly rewards are dropping steadily over time.

Looking back since the scheme started for me personally,


April - 35.95
May - 22.50
June - 17.03
July - 10.56
Aug - 5.49
Sep - 6.63
Oct - 1.70
Nov - 1.27
Dec - 1.96
Jan - 3.85
Feb - 1.35

Apart from a slightly better reward in January, there is a clear and steady decline in rewards since this time last year that co-insides with the increase of users on the brave browser.

While the price has been on the rise lately, it is only in relation to the bitcoin pump and not an increase in the token value for it's own sake.



With that said, My April payout last year of 35.95 BAT would have been worth $5.752 USD and my last payout of 1.35 BAT worth 0.78 USD or to look at it more negatively a drop of about 86% in monthly value.

I know that there are many different factors in calculating the payouts but I would presume that the number of users is the main one and that has increased massively over the past year so well done to the team at Brave.

It's just unfortunate that the amount of the payout has lost so much of it's value over the course of a year.

With that said. It is the only web browser that I know off whch will send you payments for using it and I won't be stopping any time soon.

They might be small but in my experience it will add up over time and hopefully the price will do the same for me. In crypto it is smart to take anything that is being sent your way and let it ride for years if needed. You never know what the future holds for BAT or any of the other tokens on the market.

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