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By niallon11 | HIVE Blockchain | 17 Aug 2020


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I did something today that I hate doing. Something that I don’t do enough off and probably most of you don't either.


Nothing too serious but just before lockdown happened, I had bought an item from the hardware store. Mine was broken so I got a new letterbox to fix the problem. All good so far. Turns out that it didn’t fit my standard sized door for whatever reason and then it was just sitting there. It took me a few days to even attempt the job as I had never replaced a letterbox before and needed a lot of tools and bits to make the swap.

Either way when I started the job I could see that it wouldn't do. Now at the time it was the only size that they had in that store and then the country went into full lockdown mode shortly after.

The letterbox was still broken so I ordered one off amazon for 15 euro. It wasn’t as nice but the first one from the shop had cost 40 euro so I didn’t mind once it did the job it was meant to. It took a couple of weeks with all of the postal delays but i received after a while and got it installed on my day off after that.

It took a few minutes as I still had to widen the old hole and get it all squeezed together but at least it fitted with a little gentle persuasion. Looks great too.

Now the real problem is that the first one was still sitting in my hallway and that shop was closed for another month or so. Then the shop opened but I still walked past that spare letterbox every day and said I would bring it back later. That was almost five months ago now. 40 euro sitting there going to waste and I couldn’t make a 5 minute trip up the road and bring it back. I always said that I would do it the next day. But that day never came.

Now five months later I needed to pick up some paint for the outside of the house and I still have the receipt. Since I work in retail, I always keep the receipts.

I have ones going back ten years. I brought it with me anyway and said that I would chance my arm for a refund. Most places would have one or two months on a return but five is asking a bit much. I was going to leave it behind one way or the other as I hate waste and would rather leave it back to the shop where somebody was looking for one than throw it in the bin.

I went in anyway and being as nice and polite as possible explained my error in judgement and he was kind enough to give me the refund. He did make a couple of comments about the length of time but I let them go. From dealing with customers myself I know how much attitude counts in cases like this. Go in with the wrong attitude and you are doomed from the start. Go in and do it right and you have more chance of success.

Now I don’t massively care about the €40 but it is just one case of me going to leave money behind. I will spend a full week on here blogging and working to earn that in #hive but would have thrown out that letterbox without a second thought. The same goes for faulty products that have guarantees. Spending small amounts on stupid things that I don’t need. Errors with purchases. There are so many examples where I just don’t like the hassle of dealing with these issues and for the sake of a a few euros would rather let it lie.

That is the wrong attitude and something that I am going to work on going forward. All of these euros count over time and the same goes for crypto. I will stack every sat that I can earn online so should be the same in real life. Not cheap as I will always enjoy my life and have fun, go out, have a good lifestyle but not to throw away money at the same time.

In recognition of today, I have put that money to good use and bought a little #hive from it.


145.07, The same as I made in author rewards for the full month of July. Overall this was easier money than 30 posts which was 150 Hive. This is how you build for the future. I do the same every month with bitcoin to and slowly build it up.

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