Moonconnect: Powering A Cryptocurrency With The Most Fair Distribution Model

By thefreethinkeer | StartUpInsider | 16 Aug 2021

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Research and evidence has proven it that the majority of coins and tokens that are minted in the blockchain and cryptocurrency ecosystem are plaque with one particular problem that is peculiar in almost every of them, this is the problem that is associated with uneven distribution of their circulating supply. Many of these assets have just a handful of individuals controlling the majority of the assets in circulation.

A typical example is Dogecoin and Ethereum, where 66.9% and 38.4% of the their circulating supply is held respectively in the top 100 holders wallets. This isn't fair entirely as there's always this issue of unstable price floor, due to constant dumping from these top holders wallet.

Introduction to Moonconnect

Moonconnect is an open source project that is fully decentralized and owned by its community. Moonconnect project powers a social token that intend to eventually distribute 70% of it total token supply to 5000,000 different human wallets, the project is utilizing a progressive distribution mechanism to track all related transactions in the blockchain and randomly select wallets that are owned by human users and then airdrop a certain number of $MCONN tokens into these wallets.

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Moonconnect project plan to distribute 500 trillion of its supply to random wallets through the above mentioned progressive distribution model that is targeted at only human controled wallets. With a strong vision and reliance on core objective, Moonconnect will developed a reliable technology project that will continue to expand and dominate the cryptospace, with community members enjoying the most benefits from the asset.

Why Moonconnect Choosed Binance Smart Chain

Binance smart chain (BSC) ecosystem is built with the same technolgy that is used to developed Ethereum blockchain, Solidity. This makes BSC ecosystem compatible with all solifity smart contract. Now BSC blockchain have been characterized to be faster with a lower and more efficient network cost, making it one of the most widely used blockchain.

Moonconnet's team decided to adopt BSC blockchain after they have done their due dilidiligence in researching and comparing all the top options based on daily active wallets and transaction metrics.

Moonconnect's Features

Static Reflection Rewards (5%): This feature powers a kind of reflection model that takes a determine percentage of a total transaction and reflect/distribute it to every wallet that is holding that Moonconnect token based on the proportion of their individual holdings. With this feature, 5% of every Moonconnect's token buy, sell and transfer will be distributed among the holders of Moonconnect token. This model will certainly encourage holding and will impact price action as a result of that.

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Automated LP Acquisition (5%): That is a feature that enforce a 5% tax on every Moonconnect's buy, sell and transfer. The tax generated is contributed to its liquidity pool in order to boost price floor. This technique completely discourages arbitraging among holders and reward holders with a huge trading volume. The tax been added increases the liquidity pool while supporting price floor and keeping it intact.

Moonconnect Token ($MCONN) & Its Tokenomics

MCONN tokens are minted on Binance Smart Chain blockchain with a total supply of 1 Quadrillion, the tokens are primarily meant to serve as engines that powers the growth, development and expansion of the Moonconnect project community. 30% of MCONN total supply were sent to a black-hole wallet upon the minting of the tokens, this wallet's holding will steadily be on the rise due to the percentage it will be receiving from reflection. MCONN token supply will continue to shrink over time as a result of this black-hole.

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In Conclusion

The principal objective of Mooncoonect project is to become the most decentralized and fairly distributed token, ever. The group of minds behind this idea has developed a distribution approach that enables them to distibute $MCONN tokens in a social way, avoiding bulk sales, and therefore creating an asset that can easily serve as a digital safe deposit box for ages. Do follow the official links i provided below for much more insight into the project's idea, thanks.

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