TronLink Referral Program - Get 300 points for free

TronLink Referral Program - Get 300 points for free

By Star Faucet | Star Faucet | 18 Sep 2020

Good day everyone. In today article I'm gonna share short and easy tutorial on how to get free TRX reward points from TronLink Wallet.

Step 1 - Download TronLink from GooglePlay or AppStore:

Step 2 - Install the Tronlink app on your phone.

Step 3 - Register an account on Tronlink app and create new or import existing wallet.

Step 4 - After creating an account, click "Me" at the bottom right corner of the appcfcb3c526ed1f114fe15c84e6b9ce791f31140024e041b292f75b20d4c9a650e.jpeg

Step 5 - Select "Friends invitation"


Step 6 - Select "Claim Rewards" and input invitation code "F2pQ" and you will receive 300 Points.


Step 7 - Shere your referral code to earn even more points

Litle about TronLink points rewards:
  • Is TronLink Point a token?

No. it’s a centralized incentive system that marked to users’ addresses.

  • What’s the use of the Point?

As I already mentioned points are not some new token on Tron network and you can't buy them or sell them on any exchange but you can:

1. Claim rewards. Rewards could be TRX, BTT or other tokens.

2. Use value-added functions and applications in future versions of TronLink.

3. Redeem them using Point shop ( Points Shop is under development. When development is completed users will be able to claim some TronLink souvenirs in this section).

  • What’s the price of Point?

Nobody has an idea about the future value of Ponts but most certainly you will be able to claim at least some free crypto with them.

  • How to get Point?

Currently, the only way to get Point is by inviting friends to download and start using TronLink. In future versions, there will be several ways, such as holding assets, playing DApps, etc.

  • When can we exchange Points?

The function to spend your Points is under development. Users can start using their Points in around one month.

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