Splinterlands Rare Card Profile - Naga Fire Wizard

Splinterlands Rare Card Profile - Naga Fire Wizard

By Chris Roberts | SplinterLore | 14 Apr 2021

Born of tubes and liquid tanks,
Sold into the Torch's ranks,
Cursed with knowledge, sharp and keen,
Filled with flames and magic genes.

Naga Fire Wizard

Splinter - The Burning Lands

Set - Reward

Class - Enhanced Mage

Size - Naga come in many different sizes, but fire naga, in whose model the Naga Flame Wizards were created, are one of the largest. The smallest are the amphibious naga of the Water Splinter, and those found in Draykh-Nahka (the sand naga) are typically medium in size. Naga in the Burning Lands (also known as fire naga) are not to be confused with serpentines, for there are a few key differences. The most notable of these differences are the hands. While serpentines have humanlike hands that can easily grip weapons, fire naga have massive claws that cannot hold weapons as easily, but are deadly enough on their own.

Lifespan - The first generation of Naga Fire Wizards was created about two years ago in the Gloridax science facilities of Draykh-Nahka. Shortly after their “birth,” this small group of enhanced naga wizards was traded to the Torch, who brought them home to the Burning Lands. Instead of being born from an egg and growing gradually as most fire naga do in the Burning Lands, the Wizards were crafted in tanks, and emerged as completely grown and sentient beings. It is still too early to tell, but it is their creators’ hope that the Naga Fire Wizards entered into the regular life cycle of a natural born fire naga. If so, they will live healthy lives for the next 50-60 years. If their creation was imperfect in some unknown way, their bodies will show signs of deterioration in the coming years.

Weapon - All fire naga living in the Burning Lands have some level of innate ability to handle or create fire. Those in whom this power is least are able to burn their scales without being harmed, and those with the greatest power can create and control projectile explosions. This fascinating power is what led the scientists of the Gloridax science facilities to create Naga Fire Wizards from the DNA of fire naga. They were successful in reproducing the fire naga’s deadliest abilities, while also instilling the Naga Fire Wizards with clever strategic minds, introspection and self control. This special group of created naga is now one of the Torch’s most valuable military assets. They are heavily armored to withstand punishment in battle and they can resist tremendously high heat. When attacked, their bodies let loose a sudden surge of heat that instantly burns the attacker, who can never escape unscathed. Their attacks take the form of magical orbs of fire that grow first from the claws of the wizard, then are loosed toward their enemy.

Habitat - The Naga Fire Wizards are a new addition to the magic arsenal of the Torch. Their existence itself is the result of a genetic collaboration with the Gloridax Science Facilities. Today, there are only a handful of Naga Flame Wizards, and they are kept in a fortified cave, under the close observation of Flaming Robe scientists. The cave where they are kept is called Subrahm Inkogu, located somewhere in the south Ashlands. The hidden doorway to the underground laboratory is covered by a thick layers of ash, the same ash that is spread all over the ground of that region of the Burning Lands. The gate can be opened from the outside by remote controls that are held by only the Generals of the Torch and other top officials.

Diet - In the wild, lone fire naga must eat whatever they can find. This includes reptiles and rodents that wander the ground, any prey that they are able to trap or hunt, and vegetation from the sparse forests. Plants offer them the most options, so the greatest concentration of fire naga lives in the north region, the area of the Smoldering Forest. Naga Fire Wizards are kept as captives in the south Ashlands, so they must eat what is given to them. Additionally, they require far more food than a typical fire naga to sustain their powerful magic. In order to meet the demands of a high calorie diet and the restrictions of their location, Naga Fire Wizards are given vast amounts of seafood and seaweed. Feeding the wizards has kept many commercial serpentine fishermen in business for the last year.

Allies - Naga Fire Wizards were created to be subservient to their Gloridax masters. Since they were put to use by the Flaming Robe however, these Wizards have been named, honored, and showered with gifts. Even though they are held as prisoners in a secret cave of the Burning Lands, they see themselves as esteemed guests and (so far) have had no desire to leave their confines. Their luxurious treatment has brought the Naga Fire Wizards to realize that they have egos of their own. Now they answer to no one, and they grow smarter every day. While they tolerate the Torch scientists who spend their days feeding and studying them, the Naga Fire Wizards’ only friends are one another.

Enemies - Naga Fire Wizards are fully aware of how they were created by the Gloridax as an experiment, then traded as slaves to the Torch. They are glad that they found their way home to the Burning Lands, and they harbor no ill-will toward the Torch who lets them live comfortably. But they will never forget the ruthless dragon scientists who gave them life and cursed them with such cruel awareness of their own existence. All dragons are the sworn enemies of the Naga Fire Wizards for as long as they will live.

Pastimes - Naga Fire Wizards were not born, nor did they hatch from eggs. Their wombs were test tubes, and their parents wore labcoats and spectacles. Memories, instincts and impulses were thrust upon them as they were brought, gooey and slithering, into the world by artificial means. All the time they have is spent in a state of accelerated learning, which is one of the Gloridax gifts for which the Fire Wizards are actually grateful.


Cardia's Rebirth: A TCG Story

Once upon a time in the land of Cardia, players of trading card games owned their cards. They saved their gold, then journeyed to enchanted places called comic book stores where they could exchange that gold for shiny packs of cards, some of which contained the rarest collectible gems in the land. Those cards were theirs to treasure and to cherish.

The players would come to gather in great and joyous fellowship, playing games and spending hour after hour admiring each other's cards and trading strategies. If perchance they could meet another who desired the same cards and had the right amount of gold in their purse, a player could even sell those cards, using the gold as proceeds to enhance their own collection and giving themselves a chance to be more victorious in the game.

One dark day, digital conquerors came to the land, great corporations that waged war on the enchanted comic book stores and the trading cards they sold. The created digital versions of the same cards that were once physical items, wrapped them in mesmerizing animations, pomp and frills, and set about selling these cards outside the physical realm. They implied that "ownership" of these new digital cards was no different than ownership of the old days, and many of us were fools to believe them.

One by one, the comic book stores fell as corporations seized power and turned our beloved trading card games into money machines for their boards and CEOs. They made us spend our gold continually on new editions and expansions while piling terms upon us. These terms forbade the trading or selling of the cards, and they boasted the corporation's right to print as many as they'd like, always enhancing their profit and reducing their value. And worst of all, if a player wanted to stop playing a game, they would lose everything for which they had toiled and spent their gold.

Then one day when all hope seemed lost and Cardia was barren and gray, a hero named Splinterlands arrived. Wielding the great sword of blockchain, Splinterlands promised to return ownership and power over digital trading cards to the players. And Splinterlands rode throughout the land, empowering players to own their gaming experience and earn with every win. As more players of Cardia realized the potential of playing to earn, they pledged fealty to the great sword of blockchain. They became free, and in every town and village, these players set out spreading the word. Soon, this revolution would ring out like thunder through the mountains and valleys, and never again would the corporations control our destiny as players.

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