Splinterlands Rare Card Profile - Javelin Thrower

Splinterlands Rare Card Profile - Javelin Thrower

By Chris Roberts | SplinterLore | 16 Apr 2021

The Javelin Throwers will find you, and fast,
If into the grasses perchance you are lured,
And if you're not some monstrous creature's repast,
Then on a long pole you'll be skewered.

-from the Goblins' Scout Book

Javelin Thrower

Splinter - Anumün, the Earth Splinter

Set - Reward Edition

Class - Range Attacker

Size - The tribe of Primordia that calls itself the Javelin Throwers is made up entirely of women. Most of them are thin and athletic, but they are generally taller than most other women who inhabit Anumün. Experts of the Earth Splinter say the reasons for this slight difference in average height are twofold. First, the Giant Grasslands of Primordia tend to simply make things grow larger and faster. This applies not only to plants, but every person and creature living there. Second, they are hunters who have lived in the tall grasses for so long that they have evolved with an especially elongated posture. This extra benefit gives the Javelin Throwers a slight edge when peeking over the grass.

Lifespan - For as long as anyone remembers, the tribe of Javelin Throwers has been made up of only women, which begs the question how do they continue to reproduce? The most popular theory is that they sometimes travel in small groups to the kingdom of Lyveria and the surrounding small towns where they can meet men. They are of course in disguise when they do this, because in the reptile skins they prefer to wear they are quite terrifying to behold. When they put on the clothes of commoners and leave their weapons behind, Javelin Throwers can easily be mistaken for a regular Lyverian woman. Most of them are actually exotically beautiful, making it easy for them to find temporary mates in the walled city.

Weapon - As the tribal name implies, the chosen weapon of these women is the javelin. Javelins are however more than a weapon; they are a way of life and a spiritual destiny for the Javelin Throwers. The women of the tribe approach everything in life with the same level of pinpoint focus and accuracy as that with which they throw their javelins. All javelins are created by the tribe, for the tribe, and they gather almost all materials for themselves. Some of their javelins use sharpened teeth from the larger dinosaurs (such as Rexxie) for blades, and for these teeth they must sometimes trade with minotaurs. For as ruthless as the Javelin Throwers are, they get along quite well with many tribes of minotaurs.

Habitat - The Javelin Throwers live as a single, large nomadic tribe in the Giant Grasslands of Primordia in south Anumün. Their camp is easily constructed, adapted and removed, so they can leave an area at a moment’s notice. The reason for this is that many of the dinosaurs of Primordia are territorial in unpredictable ways. A peaceful grassland one day can very quickly turn into a dinosaur battle ground the next, and it is important for humans to stay out of the way in those conflicts. Because of the extremely thick grasses, it is pretty much impossible to locate the camp of the Javelin Throwers before you are right next to it, and by then you would be within throwing range.

Diet - The Javelin Throwers are meat eaters who kill their prey with javelins, as you may have guessed. They drink exclusively from the River of Power, whose water makes them incredibly tough and resilient. The Javelin Throwers believe that the thicker an animal’s skin, the more delicious its meat. That is the reason that they build extremely long bladeheads for their javelins, strong and sharp enough to pierce even the thickest-skinned dinosaurs. They cook their meats on very hot fires, but only once every few weeks because they do not like to give away their location by billowing smoke. They also never let the animals’ hides go to waste, using them mainly for clothing. They prefer to craft the skins of various reptiles into form-fitting one-piece suits that serve the purposes of camouflage, warmth and intimidation.

Allies - The Javelin Throwers must cooperate with certain groups in order to survive in the Giant Grasslands of Primordia. They must trade for goods and tools from time to time with goblins, but they never visit the city of Gobson, where they are considered enemies. Instead, they venture west to the massive trade outpost known as the Southern Gob Hub. They must also deal on a regular basis with tribes of grassland minotaurs, with whom they cross paths every few weeks. The women have actually become quite friendly with some of these tribes, even being invited to some of their parties. At least once a year, Javelin Throwers must also travel to the walled city of Lyveria, where they are allowed, but not at all welcomed or trusted.

Enemies - Anyone who wanders too near to the Javelin Throwers’ camp is an enemy. Enemies are as good as skewered, and the Javelin Throwers’ favorite parts are always kept as trophies.
Pastimes - It is apparent from marks left on trees that Javelin Throwers enjoy a good bout of competitive target practice. The marks are always frighteningly accurate. The women are also an extremely talkative bunch, and they are known for their loud voices. Even when they are hunting, they rarely feel the need to be quiet, especially since they are so difficult to see through their camouflage and they are so skilled with their weapons. They always enjoy a fight.


Cardia's Rebirth: A TCG Story

Once upon a time in the land of Cardia, players of trading card games owned their cards. They saved their gold, then journeyed to enchanted places called comic book stores where they could exchange that gold for shiny packs of cards, some of which contained the rarest collectible gems in the land. Those cards were theirs to treasure and to cherish.

The players would come to gather in great and joyous fellowship, playing games and spending hour after hour admiring each other's cards and trading strategies. If perchance they could meet another who desired the same cards and had the right amount of gold in their purse, a player could even sell those cards, using the gold as proceeds to enhance their own collection and giving themselves a chance to be more victorious in the game.

One dark day, digital conquerors came to the land, great corporations that waged war on the enchanted comic book stores and the trading cards they sold. The created digital versions of the same cards that were once physical items, wrapped them in mesmerizing animations, pomp and frills, and set about selling these cards outside the physical realm. They implied that "ownership" of these new digital cards was no different than ownership of the old days, and many of us were fools to believe them.

One by one, the comic book stores fell as corporations seized power and turned our beloved trading card games into money machines for their boards and CEOs. They made us spend our gold continually on new editions and expansions while piling terms upon us. These terms forbade the trading or selling of the cards, and they boasted the corporation's right to print as many as they'd like, always enhancing their profit and reducing their value. And worst of all, if a player wanted to stop playing a game, they would lose everything for which they had toiled and spent their gold.

Then one day when all hope seemed lost and Cardia was barren and gray, a hero named Splinterlands arrived. Wielding the great sword of blockchain, Splinterlands promised to return ownership and power over digital trading cards to the players. And Splinterlands rode throughout the land, empowering players to own their gaming experience and earn with every win. As more players of Cardia realized the potential of playing to earn, they pledged fealty to the great sword of blockchain. They became free, and in every town and village, these players set out spreading the word. Soon, this revolution would ring out like thunder through the mountains and valleys, and never again would the corporations control our destiny as players.

Join the TCG revolution by learning what it means to truly own your cards with Splinterlands.

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