Splinterlands Legendary Profile - Valnamor

Splinterlands Legendary Profile - Valnamor

By Chris Roberts | SplinterLore | 9 Aug 2020

Foolish boy, his power grows,
Where it's leading, no one knows,
Seeds of Chaos deeply planted
In talents overgreatly granted.

-from the Diaries of Alric Stormbringer



Splinter - ΛZMΛRÉ

Set - Beta

Class - Legendary Water Summoner

Size - Valnamor stands about six feet tall. He has a slim physique and extremely quick reflexes, a body built from a lifetime of swimming.

Lifespan - Even though he has water powers that seem entirely supernatural, Valnamor is a regular Human, and a young one. He is only twenty-two years old, and he already has attained a summoner level greater than 90% of tournament summoners, including Alric Stormbringer. As the only sportsman-turned-summoner, Valnamor is an exquisite physical specimen with the hardened body of a swimmer. He certainly has a long life ahead of him, unless he is struck down early for taunting the wrong person.

Weapon - The name of Valnamor’s trident is Ixperioth. When he was just a boy, he found the legendary weapon buried in a Crustacean keep. Since he was already trespassing on the kelp farms and would certainly be waterflogged if found out, Valnamor had little to lose. He took the trident, and it has been at his side ever since. Most people of ΛZMΛRÉ assume that the magical weapon has made it easier for Valnamor to become such a formidable summoner at such a young age.

Habitat - Valnamor lives stylishly in the Mer/Human city of Anenon, on the edge of the Water District. In the Water District, water can be magically separated from air to create spaces in which air-breathers can converse and transact with water-breathers. There are literal roads of water running alongside the open-air sidewalks. This is all made possible by the proprietary inventions of ΛZMΛRÉ, mostly made by the Great Masked Inventor. Valnamor lives in a large apartment that is part air and part water. It came at great expense, which the Gloridax were happy to pay as a reward for Valnamor’s incredible tournament performances.

Diet - As anyone might expect from a person who spends nearly half their time under water, Valnamor eats almost entirely seafood. To Valnamor however, it’s just called food. He insists that there are “endlessly more delicious curiosities in the oceans thn the land could ever dream of.”

Allies - They say that Valnamor has met the Ruler of the Seas on more than one occasion, although this is highly unlikely. He can perhaps swim deep enough to cross the Ruler’s path, but would the Ruler ever bother to speak to the Human boy? Valnamor insists that not only has he met the so-called Ocean Oracle, but that they have become friends. His more common friends are mostly Merfolk. He is a young man, full of energy, and Humans of his own age cannot keep up with his ambition. Merfolk, according to Valnamor, “really know how to party.”

Enemies - Alric Stormbringer has been at odds with Valnamor ever since his appearance as a Mount Mox summoner. In over 400 years of life and difficult study, Alric has become something of a bitter old man, and he does not at all enjoy seeing a cocky young summoner with talent beyond his discipline. The Stormbringer has himself dabbled in the magic of chaos, and he knows that blind pride and youth are two of the main ingredients in a brew that summons the greatest evil the world would ever see.

Pastimes - Valnamor spends the most of his time having fun with his Mer friends. Most Humans of his age enjoy casual drinking of ales and wines from taverns and street stands, but for obvious reasons, Mer do not drink anything. Instead, Merfolk young enjoy swimming through fields of special hallucinogenic kelp called Vizweed. The effects of the toxins on the skin induce brief euphoria and lower inhibitions with no long-term negatives, making it the perfect Mer party favor.


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