Splinterlands Legendary Card Profile - Gloridax Guardian

Splinterlands Legendary Card Profile - Gloridax Guardian

By Chris Roberts | SplinterLore | 30 Jun 2020

Guard the day and guard the night,
Guard the reaches of my sight.
Guard my freedom if I stray,
Guard the prices I must pay.

If I cannot be guarded well,
the guard will throw me in a cell,
to teach me things that I forgot,
and live the hellish life I've wrought.

-from Gloridax Elementary Curriculum


Gloridax Guardian

Splinter - Draykh-Nahka

Set - Untamed

Class - Enhanced Tank

Size - After all enhancements and dosings, Gloridax Guardians are twice the size that they once were. At all times, there are six people who hold the position of Guardian. Currently, they are three flightless Dragons, two Humans and an unlikely Kobold. The Dragon Guardians are the largest, coming in at about 145 chickens.

Lifespan - Gloridax Guardianship constitutes the second life of each of those chosen for the position. In their previous lives, each Guardian was a ruthless criminal, held in the mountain dungeons of Draykh-Nahka. The perfect candidates were watched for years, scouted and eventually recruited into the Guardian program by the most renowned scientists from the Genetics Lab. Using horrific proprietary chemical processes, the contents of each person’s mind were wiped clean, leaving them a blank slate. While they were wiped, the most intensive weapons conditioning program ever employed by the Gloridax was implemented, turning the new blank slate Guardians into war machines. Each Guardian is programmed to mindlessly follow orders, and they are often put by their leaders in harm’s way. New Guardians usually serve three or four years at their post before they are killed in some raid, then they are promptly replaced by a new Guardian.

Habitat - Since they are literally the Guardians of Gloridax, these warriors never leave Draykh-Nahka. The largest of the Guardians is posted outside the dungeons and always guards against the escape of prisoners. Two more are posted at the Opulent Palace of Worship where they can protect Suam Khepri, the Gloridax Empress. The Kobold Guardian patrols the streets of Centrum enforcing the laws of the Suam, and the final two are wardens of the massive Gloridax military base. Though each Guardian has a home of his own, they are never given names.

Weapon - The signature weapon of a Gloridax Guardian is his axe. Called the Acumen Axe, the weapon is designed more to intimidate than to battle. Most Guardian brutality is instead administered through a long double-headed spear with sharpened heads of dragonglass. Still, the Acumen Axe is sometimes used for beheading petty criminals in the street. The Axe always draws a crowd.

Diet - Regardless of the diet preferences of each individual Guardian before their programming, they are given a standardized daily ration of Bunglo meat and required to eat all of it. If they do not meet their minimum caloric intake for the day, Gloridax Guardians are severely punished. A huge and constant supply of protein is necessary to continually activate the internal chemicals that swell the Guardian’s muscles.

Allies - As created and conditioned soldiers, Gloridax Guardians only follow orders. They do not have personal lives, nor do they have any concept of “friend” or “family.” They once knew these things, but now their heads are swirling nightmares of mind-controlling drugs that will leave them no peace. Guardians never question the authority of their Gloridax masters. At least they haven’t yet...

Enemies - Part of the Guardian conditioning was convincing the brutes to despise their own people. They are trained to believe that they are better than everyone around them, with the exception of their aristocratic masters. Since they are always looking for an excuse to hurt their own kind, the Guardians have created a fearful and law-abiding atmosphere in Centrum and the surrounding Sands.

Pastimes - In the rare instance that there is no work for a Guardian, they are expected to report to the Gloridax Gladiator Games for combat. There is often a shortage of gladiator volunteers willing to fight to the death, so Guardians fill in the spaces. They are called into these gladiator battles because they put on an excellent show, and because they never lose.


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