Splinterlands Legendary Card Profile - Fallen Specter

Splinterlands Legendary Card Profile - Fallen Specter

By Chris Roberts | SplinterLore | 6 Oct 2020

Fallen Specter's cruel hand
Stops your ticker where you stand,
And all that you can see and hear,
Is swapped for all-consuming fear.


Fallen Specter

Splinter - Mortis

Set - Reward Edition

Class - Legendary Phantom

Size - Fallen Specters do not hold a single solid form, but rather flow like a gas, expanding and contracting depending on their level of wrath. When provoked or irritated, A Fallen Specter can sometimes grow to be the size of a Dragon.

Lifespan - A Fallen Specter is a Dark Eternal who, after growing powerful with dark magic, became lost on their road to the Dark Eternity. Usually this happens because a soul is unable to let go of its own selfish desires, often remembering its “living” existence in the Splinterlands. Unless they change their ways and learn to embrace something greater than themselves, Fallen Specters will be doomed to never grow, and never leave this place.

Weapon - Since Fallen Specters have no need for earthly possessions, they carry no weapons. In battle, they attack with wispy and jagged claws. These claws do not penetrate the flesh of the living, but phase through, attacking directly the internal organs and operating systems of the enemy’s body. The most dangerous of these attacks is called Heartsqueeze, which induces a heart attack about 50% of the time when landed.

Habitat - Although they are occasionally seen in other Splinters, Fallen Specters belong in Mortis. Being near the dark matter helps them remain strong, and the dark energy of the dead gives them motivation to persist. There are less than twenty Fallen Specters in total throughout Mortis, but many of them can be seen at any time wandering aimlessly on the Slab Fields outside Utopin, waiting for a fight.

Diet - Fallen Specters do not eat, but they always require a supply of certain energies, without which they would fade forever into shadow. The most important of these is the dark matter that is found throughout the Death Splinter. When a Fallen Specter is far away from dark matter, they become dull and uninspired, often simply giving up on their spectral existence.

Allies - The Lord of Darkness is wary of these powerful spirits, especially since they are not technically Dark Eternals on his path to oneness. Although he watches them closely, he still treats them as powerful allies, and in return they allow themselves to be summoned by dark sorcerers to the Mount Mox Tournaments. As long as the Specter’s battle for Mortis, they will be treated well and protected by the Dark Lord.

Enemies - There are no Mount Mox summoners outside of death magic that trust the Fallen Specters, but Tyrus Paladium is convinced that if they have their way, the whole world would be enslaved. When he must face a Fallen Specter in Tournament battle, he turns solid white and forgets his craft. Many times, Tyrus has fled the battlefield in the face of these terrors.

Pastimes - Fallen Specters see the world with a different kind of eyes. They are always watching with a macabre curiosity, almost as if they are collecting data for some kind of plan that has not yet begun. When you are alone in an open place of the Splinterlands, look around carefully, for you may see a Fallen Specter watching you with frightening red eyes from a distant hilltop.


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