Splinterlands Epic Summoner Profile - Talia Firestorm

Splinterlands Epic Summoner Profile - Talia Firestorm

By Chris Roberts | SplinterLore | 1 Dec 2020

As the two young summoners in love strolled the sands near Glory's Field, they came upon an abandoned Dragon egg. They kept the egg and hatched the Dragon. Some twelve years later, the summoners are still unable to say whether they found the egg, or the egg found them.

Talia Firestorm


Talia Firestorm_lv6.png


Splinter - Draykh-Nahka

Set - Beta

Class - Epic Fire Summoner

Lifespan - Talia is a Dragonchild that has been adopted by Human parents. This would never have been allowed by the Gloridax if her parents were not both famed summoners. The average lifespan of a Dragonborne female is 50-60 years, slightly shorter than a Human. She stands on two feet, and her posture resembles that of a Human, but the majority of her physical features are those of a Dragon.

Family - Talia is the adopted daughter of Aggroedius Lightbringer, a renowned Khymian wizard, and Lyanna Natura, the most famed summoner of the Earth Splinter. Her younger sister Kiara is a true Khymian who was delivered to her parents years ago, when Talia was an even smaller Dragon. Within their home in Centrum of Draykh-Nahka, four separate Splinters are represented in relative harmony, but Mount Mox tournaments are always awkward for the Lightbringer Family. Talia is not bothered by the way her little sister is often the center of attention; this has allowed her to have a private life of her own.

Weapon - Even aside from her summoning powers, which she has been honing for most of her life, Talia is quite capable of defending herself in a number of ways. She is a dead eye with a slingshot, and her extreme quickness makes Talia a difficult target for anyone to hit. Talia hopes that she will some day learn to breathe fire like the larger Dragons.

Size - Talia is incredibly small for a Flame Dragon, and she wonders if she will ever grow into her full size. Currently she stands only about half the height of her parents. What Talia does not realize is that her small stature has caused countless opponents to underestimate her at the Mount Mox tournaments. She is more powerful than she looks.

Habitat - Talia lives with her family of summoners in Draykh-Nahka. As a young Flame Dragon, she would definitely be more comfortable in the Burning Lands, but that would never work. No one else in her family could stand the heat. Still, they have a nice place in Centrum with a hot room specifically designed for Talia’s comfort. She spends most of her time there in her room.

Diet - Talia’s family still hasn’t gotten used to her all meat diet. Lyanna, Talia’s mother, has always taken pride in her green cooking skills, but they are entirely wasted on the young Flame Dragon. Lately the only thing Talia will eat is chicken with Dragon Ranch (a sauce made from ground Pegasus).

Allies - Talia attends several of the Burning Lands schools remotely from her home in Draykh-Nahka. She is quite advanced in the curriculum of Summun Infuria, the prestigious summoning school led by Malric Inferno, which is why she wears Ferexia colors at the Mount Mox Tournament Games. The Gloridax High Council is embarrassed by the way she represents the Burning Lands, but she will never waver.

Enemies - Talia hates the boy summoners of the Silver Shield. They call her half-breed, tiny Dragon, and worse. Khymians can be so cruel, and Talia should know. Her father is a Khymian. There is also a dark-eyed Gloridax nobleman named Turk that has been approaching Talia with shady offers of wealth and glory. She doesn’t trust the Dragonman at all, but she has not yet told her family about the offers.

Pastimes - Talia Firestorm loves to explore new places, meet new people, and as she puts it, “ruffle the Dragons’ feathers.” She occasionally finds her way into sticky situations, from which she must be rescued by one or both of her parents, but Talia is clever and resourceful, so she can usually solve her own problems.

Talia and her Gloridax friends have been making a map of the area on the other side of the mountain, even though they know trespassing there is incredibly risky. Last time she was caught, Talia convinced her father that she would never be foolish enough to wander near the Science Facilities. What he doesn’t know won’t hurt him.


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