Splinterlands Epic Card Profile - War Chaang

Splinterlands Epic Card Profile - War Chaang

By Chris Roberts | SplinterLore | 16 Nov 2020

You cannot hope to ask it,
To let you steer or drive,
But in a War Chaang's basket,
At least you'll be alive.

War Chaang


War Chaang_lv6.png


Splinter - The Burning Lands, Draykh Nahka

Set - Untamed

Class - Epic War Machine

Size - Hellaphants are naturally extremely massive creatures. They are in fact the largest landwalker in the Splinterlands, even considering the huge dinosaurs of Anumün. Once they are taken captive, hellaphants are much better fed, with a Dragon diet rich in meats, proteins and special Gloridax concoctions designed to increase bulk. As a result, War Chaang are nearly fifty percent larger than hellaphants in the wild Burning Lands.

Lifespan - A hellaphant’s lifespan is similar to that of a Human. In the wild, they can live for seventy or eighty years. Since they are the largest animal, their only life-shortening danger is being taken captive by the Gloridax. Once a hellaphant is converted to a War Chaang, it never has long to live. As the largest combatant on any battlefield, War Chaang tend to do a lot of damage, then go down early.

Weapon - The weapons of War Chaang are numerous, from those with which the hellaphant is naturally endowed to those held by the warriors who ride on their backs. The hellaphants (once through the Torch training) are easily angered and highly aggressive, unlike their relatives in the wild who run from all threats. Instead of running, War Chaang put their heads down and charge straight toward the threat. Their mighty hooves can trample even the largest and most armored monsters, and their trucks can swing powerfully enough to knock a Dragon off balance. Atop the War Chaang, in the lava basket, 3-4 warriors ride. Some of them throw spears, and some carry bows. Together, they all add new dimensions to the destructive power of War Chaang.

Habitat - The only place that hellaphants can be found in the Splinterlands is the Burning Lands, with the greatest concentration in the Unknown. There, they live in extreme plenty, but lately they have been harvested in great numbers by the Gloridax for various reasons, including the creation of War Chaang. The Gloridax Navy, led by the tiny but mighty Lutrina Shipmaster, had to construct special boats to carry the huge beasts, and not a single one of them made the journey peacefully or quietly. Witnesses of the event say they might as well have told the hellaphants to swim to Draykh-Nahka. After a War Chaang is created, it is often (ironically) sold back to the Burning Lands, where it is then used in the Ferexia war machine.

Diet - In the wilds of the Burning Lands, hellaphants enjoy an omnivorous diet, eating not only leafy shrubs and shallow root vegetables, but small critters and large instects. For their immense size, they require a surprisingly small amount of food to keep up their energy. When hellaphants are captured and conditioned into War Chaang, they are shifted to a more protein-rich, meat-centered diet. This allows them to grow even stronger, and if you can believe it, larger.

Allies - The War Chaang are trained and broken by masters with Dragon blood. They can then be sold around the Splinterlands, though delivery is extremely difficult. The hellaphants answer to the Gloridax masters, but does subservience indicate friendship? In this case, no. Absolutely not. The War Chaang have no friends, other than their own kind, far away in the Unknown wastes of the Burning Lands. They merely fear their captors and masters. Still, because they are such amazing and majestic creatures, their loyalty can be completely trusted.

Enemies - The enemies of a War Chaang are those about to be conquered, whoever they may be. They are always small, and they attack with everything they have: Pitchforks, rocks and other primitive, futile weapons. War Chaang are expensive to train and maintain, so only the most powerful armies in the Splinterlands can use them. If a War Chaang is charging your village, you must have made some powerful enemies. Hellaphants also have one instinctive enemy which the Gloridax have not been able to erase, and that enemy is mice. All hellaphants, including the toughest and most outfitted War Chaang, are deathly afraid of mice… especially white ones.

Pastimes - Unfortunately, the War Chaang in Ferexia captivity do not experience much freedom. When they are not in use, they must be kept confined. There is a large, desolate penned area in the shadow of Molten Mountain where the War Chaang are kept. Currently there are 14 War Chaang living there, in what is a much more crowded situation than they would ever face in the wild. This has led them to new heights of aggression and territorialism. Now much of their time is spent fighting among themselves.


The True Story of Splinterlands

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How did the corporations convince the players to pay this money? Loot. They showered the players with in-game riches designed to create a sense of accomplishment, but with no real value. Not only are these in-game "assets" entirely subject to the whims of corporate overlords who rarely (if ever) have the player's interests at heart, but they never really belong to the player at all. They belong exclusively to the game for which they were created. If a player wants to quit playing the game,  they must also abandon their in-game treasures.

Blockchains are giving power and ownership back to the players, and it's about time. In this incredible and rapidly expanding world of technology it seems like such an outdated argument to be making, but the players (not the company) should own their gaming rewards. Blockchain, non-fungible tokens and games like Splinterlands are now making that possible.

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