Splinterlands Epic Card Profile - Tortisian Chief

Splinterlands Epic Card Profile - Tortisian Chief

By Chris Roberts | SplinterLore | 14 Nov 2020

The elder Chief, with narrowed eyes,
Said "Praise to Tur for scars,
For just as failures make us wise
A wound's forever ours."
The young ones gasped as fire lights
revealed on his dark face,
The remnants of a thousand fights
And scars left in their place.

Tortisian Chief


Tortisian Chief_lv6.png


Splinter - ΛZMΛRÉ, Anumün, Khymeria, Draykh Nahka

Set - Untamed

Class - Multi-Magic Wielder

Size - Including their shells, Tortisians can weigh as much as 80-100 chickens. The Chiefs of the wandering clans are always among the bigger and stronger in the clan, since they must always stand up to their peers.

Lifespan - One peculiar thing about the Tortisian race is that they live incredibly long lives. They are new to the Splinterlands, but some of the elders of their people claim to be beyond six hundred years old. Scholars of the Splinterlands are anxious to interview these elders, for they must surely know details of the world that are long forgotten, including information from before the Splintering, and perhaps lost ways of magic. But so far, the Tortisian tribes have kept very much to themselves. They have been through some sort of great trauma as a race, and it will take them some time before they trust strangers again.

Weapon - A Tortisian Chief’s weapon is always his sacred scepter. It fills ancient ritual purposes as a ceremonial staff, but it also smashes quite efficiently as a weapon. The Tortisians are very resourceful in their fighting style, usually using a combination of spear, shell and hand-to-hand attack to destroy their enemies. Tortisian Chiefs however are able to channel the ancient power of their people into the scepter they carry, loosing a powerful magic attack on their enemy.

Habitat - When they first sought refuge in the Splinterlands, the Tortisian people found it in the Water Splinter of ΛZMΛRÉ. Their ships were guided through the gates of Anenon by an uncanny pirate fleet who had found the Tortisians floating aimlessly on open seas. ΛZMΛRÉ was suspicious of the arrival. They even tried to keep the fleet out, but some of the pirates infiltrated the gate towers and made sure that they were opened. Once the Tortisians were allowed into ΛZMΛRÉ, they quickly proved their worth, both as virtuous and productive people, and as bringers of new skills and items. Most of them settled in the islands of the Archipelago, but several of the clans set out, each led by a Chief, to find a better home.

Diet - Tortisians, like Humans, are omnivores that can eat almost anything. They are extremely skilled at underwater fishing, but most of them prefer plants that grow outside of water for the majority of their food. When fishing, a Tortisian can float lazily on the water, breathing through a snorkel and looking down at their swimming prey. Tortisian Chiefs, as the leaders of the traveling clans, are able to try exotic foods from many different places in the Splinterlands, all of which are very different from the foods they remember from their lost and faraway home. The older Chiefs know that they will never again taste the sweet fruit of the Povolo Tree or smell the aroma of roasted Hytuz nuts, and while they enjoy the fruits of the Splinterlands, nothing is as sweet as that which has been lost.

Allies - Without the defense of the independent pirates of ΛZMΛRÉ, the Tortisian people never would have found their place in the Splinterlands. The traveling Chiefs have made friends with several unlikely tribal peoples. After they landed on Anumün’s southern shores and were nearly eaten by dinosaurs, the Tortisians were saved only by the Minotaurs of the Grasslands. The Minotaurs were so fascinated by the appearance of the Tortisians that the normally hostile beasts welcomed them and assisted their passage. Another clan of Tortisians landed on the remote western coast of Khymeria, where they had to climb towering mountains. At the top, they found a quiet collection of tribes called the Highlanders, for whom the Tortisians had an immediate affinity.

Enemies - Tortisian Chiefs have made their share of enemies in their travels as well. For one, Tortisians are not welcome in the Burning Lands after one of the Chiefs unknowingly insulted a decorated official of the Torch at a Mount Mox variety show. This grudge is actually enforceable because there is only one port of entry into the Burning Lands, outside of Azad. The Tortisian stance on Dragons was also recently revealed in the Gateway Square outside the Mount Mox Arena. A Gloridax underboss had apparently offered something to a Tortisian that the Chief had found… less than virtuous. The Chief, being so old and wise, decided to publicly shame the scaled underboss, and the Dragons now openly despise the Tortisians. Sometimes, a Chief’s enemy arises from within his own tribe, and another challenges his leadership. This is a relatively civilized process, and if the Chief loses, he concedes leadership without further contest.

Pastimes - Tortisian Chiefs spend most of their time telling stories to the younger ones in the tribe. The youngest have lived only a few decades, and all they have ever known is the horrific turmoil of battle. It was a battle they thought would never end, and when it finally did, it ended with the complete destruction of the Tortisian homeland. And the frightening enemy, who now was gathering their undefeated forces, will one day find its way to the Splinterlands to attack again. This is why the Tortisian young must be educated and trained with the greatest discipline. Tortisian Chiefs also enjoy performances of many types. People in the tribe practice various strange talents, hoping to impress the Chief in weekly talent shows.


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