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Splinterlands Epic Card Profile - Torhilo the Frozen

By Chris Roberts | SplinterLore | 23 Jan 2021

Charging through tomorrow
Just as proudly as before;
He runs from frozen sorrow
Nevermore, nevermore.

-from "Torhilo's Eulogy" by the Frost Giant

Torhilo the Frozen


Torhilo the Frozen_lv6.png


Splinter - ΛZMΛRÉ

Set - Reward Edition

Class - Frozen Tank

Size - Compared to a normal bull, Torhilo is a giant of shimmering ice standing about 3 times taller and 20 times the weight. Next to the Frost Giant (where he usually stands) Torhilo looks like a small pet - an illusion of course, caused by the magnitude of the Frost Giant.

Lifespan - About 300 years ago, a chaos spell was cast in ΛZMΛRÉ by a wizard with no pupils, a wizard who is now long gone. His spell caused all of the creatures who inhabited the area now called the Frozen Hell to turn to ice, inside and out. The vast majority of these ice creatures died out naturally, being unable to cope with the cruel and peculiar frozen existence, but the strongest of them survived. Not only did they survive and learn to live in the Frozen Hell, but the cold extended their lives. Torhilo is one of the original beasts that was turned to ice in the chaos spell. He once grazed and ate grasses in the same land that is now deadly ice as far as the eye can see. He has lived a long and difficult life, and Torhilo is becoming old and tired as the old magic of chaos wears off and his soul begins to thaw.

Habitat - In the northeastern corner of ΛZMΛRÉ, the Frost Giant has created a comfortable home for himself and Torhilo near Mount Meldor. The chamber where they spend their nights is a vast cave, hewn from the largest intact crystal anywhere on the surface of the Splinterlands. The Order of the Silver Shield are aware of this crystal and they would love to harvest pieces of it, but even they know better than to pester the Frost Giant and his frozen bull.

Weapon - Torhilo needs no weapon beyond his massive body, his horns of ice and his great majestic charge. His horns in particular are so tough that they have never broken. Being made of ice, Torhilo sometimes breaks other parts of his body such as a hoof or an ear. The pain is tremendous and intense, but the injury is only temporary. Torhilo must only dip into the icy waters of Melprov, the magical frozen pond near his home that has always repaired his icy flesh.

Diet - The frozen beasts of ΛZMΛRÉ do not require as much food as even much smaller animals. This is due to the extreme cold affecting their metabolic rates. Even for a giant like Torhilo, he must only eat every few days. There is only one meal that Torhilo enjoys anymore: Fish caught from the Frozen Sea. To get his fish, he must always ask for the help of the Frost Giant, a process that has become somewhat embarrassing for Torhilo.

Allies - Beside the Frost Giant, Torhilo has no friends. Without the Giant, he would have no name, and he probably would have died long ago. Torhilo participates in the Mount Mox tournaments simply because he is always near the side of his best friend and only companion, the Frost Giant.

Enemies - In the arena, Torhilo has difficulty maintaining composure when there are Fire monsters around. For very understandable reasons, Torhilo does not trust them or feel comfortable around them. He is not afraid, but he never knows whether to charge after the fire or run the other way.

Pastimes - Time has passed so slowly for so long. Torhilo usually wants to lay down and rest, but the longer he sits still, the more his frozen joints begin to ache. The Frost Giant still spends much of his time working, sifting salts from the eastern shores. As much as Tohilo would like to, he cannot assist the Giant in his work. So he takes long runs across the isolated reaches of the Frozen Hell, breathing in the frigid air and admiring the beauty of his home.


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