Splinterlands Epic Card Profile - Swamp Thing

Splinterlands Epic Card Profile - Swamp Thing

By Chris Roberts | SplinterLore | 13 Dec 2020

I cry from dark and muddy deep
To end these bonds, this curse, this sleep,
That I may rest in fields of home,
To write a dry and lengthy tome.

Swamp Thing


Swamp Thing_lv6.png


Splinter - Anumün

Set - Alpha/Beta

Class - Epic Swamp Monster

Size - The Swamp Thing was once an average-sized man from Lyveria. Many hundreds of years have passed since the transformation, and physically almost nothing remains of the man he once was. He is now a creature of mud and moss; his size can vary from a small puddle to a giant that can uproot trees with a flick.

Lifespan - Claudius Greenforth was 26 years old when he tragically fell into the Swamps of the Living Moss. That was almost 600 years ago. A peculiar combination of the Magi of the Forest’s attempts to save Greenforth and the magical pull of the Swamps themselves created a unique curse for the young Summoner. Now he does not age. He is not even sure whether he can be destroyed.

Weapon - The Swamp Thing can wield any weapon he chooses, as long as it is found within the Swamps. Many fancy swords, spears, daggers and bows have been lost by foolish warriors over the years, but the Swamp Thing pays them little regard. He much prefers more natural weapons, such as a tree swung like a giant club or a dam ripped out of the ground to flood an unsuspecting invader.

Habitat - Until he discovers a way to escape his magical bonds, the Swamp Thing will always be prisoner (and ruler) of the Swamps of the Living Moss in southern Anumün. The only person who still visits the Swamp Thing is the Magi of the Forest. He makes the trip at least 3 times a year, spending hours on end talking with the Swamp Thing in the Marsh Temple about any topic the two can think of.

Diet - When he was transformed by the Living Moss so many years ago, the Swamp Thing stopped needing food. The water was enough. Now, water is his life. Muddy, sludgy, earthy water.

Allies - The Swamp Thing’s best friend and mentor is the Magi of the Forest, to whom he always has allegiance. The Magi’s frequent visits to the swamps allow the Swamp Thing to learn of events in the wider Splinterlands. The Spirit of the Forest is also aware of the plight of the Swamp Thing. In 600 years, she has never bothered to visit him herself, but she sends word through the Magi that he has her magical support, and if she ever musters enough power, she will free him from his bonds.

Enemies - The Swamp Thing never approves of unwelcome guests in his swamps. Many have attempted to harvest the riches that have been swallowed by the Living Moss through the years, but none have succeeded. The Swamp Thing detests the Pirates of Azmaré, with their wandering vessels of greed. He can proudly boast that no pirate ship has ever left the swamps (with people on it).

Pastimes - During his endless free time, the Swamp Thing prowls through the lower depths of the swamps, which only he can penetrate, seeking treasure. He only wants heliostones. With enough heliostones, he is sure that he will be able to break the cursed spell that confines him to the swamp. The trouble is, it seems the Living Moss wants the heliostones just as badly.

History - In The year of the Splintering 307, The Magi of the Forest was walking with his pupil, Claudius Greenforth in the southern limits of Anumun, near the Swamps of the Living Moss. They walk too close, and the young summoner was tragically overtaken. It is not so much that he fell into the swamps, but the swamps came for him.

As Greenforth was being dragged under the muddy water, the Magi of the Forest cast spells wildly in an attempt to save his prize pupil and friend. Although (part of) Greenforth survived, the Magi was unsuccessful in his attempts. The young Greenforth became completely absorbed by the Swamps of the Living Moss. The Magi stayed for days hoping that Claudius would somehow return, then left heartbroken, assuming he was gone.

One year later, when the Magi made the trip to the swamps in remembrance of his friend Claudius, he was surprised to discover what remained of the boy. He was no longer Human, but a cursed and magical creature of the Swamp. The Magi of the Forest vowed to discover a way to break the curse and free the Swamp Thing that day, and 600 years later, he has yet to fulfill that vow.


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