Splinterlands Epic Card Profile - Mischievous Mermaid

Splinterlands Epic Card Profile - Mischievous Mermaid

By Chris Roberts | SplinterLore | 8 Nov 2020

Mischievous Mermaid


Splinter - ΛZMΛRÉ

Class - Deep Water Mage

Size - Mermaids come in all sizes, as do Mermen, but the most mischievous of them tend to be smaller and quicker. Merfolk have common sizes very similar to dolphins.

Lifespan - Mer are sometimes called Humans of the sea because they mirror Humans in much of their physiology, including lifespan. Their behaviors on the other hand are vastly different from those of Humans; frankly, it is a wonder that the two species can mingle in the Water District of Anenon without killing one another. Because life underwater is slightly more dangerous than life on the surface, Merfolk die a little younger on average, but left to nature, a typical Mermaid lives for 60-90 years.

Habitat - The majority of the Merfolk population lives in the great underwater city of Poseidar, in the shallows of the Dark Water of ΛZMΛRÉ. Their quickness, intelligence and resourcefulness allow them to live underwater wherever they like, but most do not leave the confines of ΛZMΛRÉ. There are even rumors that some Mermaids have sold their valuables to a sinister Sea Witch in exchange for legs and lungs, so they may be walking among us.

Weapon - The Merfolk have an entire culture of weapons with many generations of stories behind them. The oldest and still most popular of the Mer weapons is the trident, which can be used to easily spear fish underwater. Some Mer weapons, such as the water spearsling, were designed specifically for water-to-air combat during less peaceful times in the Water Splinter. Several underwater projectiles have been invented by the Merfolk and the patents sold to the fishing guilds of ΛZMΛRÉ. Mer harpoon shooters are deadly accurate. In addition to all the weapons and tools the Merfolk employ, most of them are naturally endowed with at least some magical abilities. If any magic is found in a Mer child, it is nurtured carefully by the parents from an early age. In the end, if fostered correctly, one in every three Merfolk can use magic. Mer magic takes two forms (aggressive and healing), with several more specific variations within each.

Diet - Merfolk have widely varying tastes for food and exhaustingly selective palates. They eat many plants, mosses and fruits that grow in the waters of ΛZMΛRÉ and on the edges of the abyss leading into the Dark Water. They are also meat-eaters who view hunting as an enjoyable social activity in addition to providing their food. In recent years, Merfolk have developed fascinating methods of cooking their food with tunnels and steam vents.

Allies - Although Merfolk must breathe the same water as Naga, they do not consider themselves allies. They both inhabit the city of Poseidar for mere convenience, and they do not kill each other en masse because of a simple yet delicate balance. All Merfolk have an extremely peaceful relationshop with the Smart Crustaceans that surround the Dark Water and tend the kelp fields. Merfolk and Umans always enjoy each other’s company as well; they are able to cohabitate in the city of Anenon thanks to the amazing technologies there which separate air from water.

Enemies - The Gorgons of the deep are the sworn enemy of the Merfolk of ΛZMΛRÉ. Too many times they have wandered into the shallows and petrified hapless Mer Children with their Stone Gaze. Merfolk who have been overcome by darkness are no longer welcome inside Poseidar. These Mer Dark are also considered enemies; it is feared throughout Mer society that they intend to corrupt the children.

Pastimes - The culture of the Merfolk is just as broad and diverse as that on the surface of the Splinterlands. The Mer have their own history, law, religion and art. While some Mer enjoy the hunt, some spend their time laughing and joking with loved ones while others create underwater visual masterpieces using the famous ΛZMΛRÉ waterproof ink that sells for heavy purses. The Mer always enjoy life, and whether engaging in deadly combat, evading a fearsome foe or rejoicing in ceremony of the deep, they are rarely seen without a smile.


The True Story of Splinterlands

Once upon a time your game purchase meant something. You could go to the store and purchase a game, after which you would simply own that game. You could play as often as you'd like, because it was your game. As the game companies were one by one swallowed up by larger and larger game companies, a terrible thing happened to the gaming world. While the games themselves were always making improvements, the players were always throwing more and more of their hard-earned money into a corporate black hole from which they reaped no rewards.

How did the corporations convince the players to pay this money? Loot. They showered the players with in-game riches designed to create a sense of accomplishment, but with no real value. Not only are these in-game "assets" entirely subject to the whims of corporate overlords who rarely (if ever) have the player's interests at heart, but they never really belong to the player at all. They belong exclusively to the game for which they were created. If a player wants to quit playing the game,  they must also abandon their in-game treasures.

Blockchains are giving power and ownership back to the players, and it's about time. In this incredible and rapidly expanding world of technology it seems like such an outdated argument to be making, but the players (not the company) should own their gaming rewards. Blockchain, non-fungible tokens and games like Splinterlands are now making that possible.

The Historic Splinterlands Land Presale


On November 7th, the button went live for our first ever Land Presale, then you all went wild. The first round of claims was sold out in a mere 21 seconds, and there is no question that there was not enough land to go around. 

The first stage of the sale on November 7th was only the first (and most discounted) chance to get claims in this Presale. The next chance (Tunnelworks Ventures) will be on November 28th. 


For all details of the Land Presale, check out THIS POST.

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