Lightning Dragon - Legendary Monster Profile

Lightning Dragon - Legendary Monster Profile

By Chris Roberts | SplinterLore | 11 Jul 2020

Through rumbled sky
It tumbled by,
One, bold, high,
I mumbled "why."


Lightning Dragon

Splinter - Draykh-Nahka

Set - Alpha/Beta

Class - Legendary Dragon

Size - 700-1500 Chickens

Lifespan - Before the Burn, a wild Lightning Dragon could be expected to live as long as 400 years. The Burn, also known in Draykh-Nahka as Scale Rot, is now taking the lives of many Dragons hundreds of years early. Lightning Dragons, who used to be calm, wise and level-headed beasts, are now being led by younger upstarts, who do not always make the best decisions.

Habitat - The Sands of Draykh-Nahka are the domain of the Lightning Dragons. There is a great area of boulders to the north known as Dragons’ Roost where the Lightning Dragons keep their nests. Though they can fly anywhere in the Splinterlands in a short time, these Dragons are rarely found outside their natural territories.

Weapon - The Lightning Dragon is aptly named for its signature Lightning attack. It is nearly impossible to dodge, for it comes down at the speed of light. This attack is not considered magic, but more of an elemental relationship with the lightning. The Lightning Dragons’ ability to harness lightning has never been fully understood or explained. They can even call lightning without using deadly force, with their Shockstun attack, which is why Neoxian the Dragon Banker prefers them for his grabbings. These Dragons are also very large and equipped with heavy natural armors.

Diet - Lightning Dragons, like all Dragons, must eat a diet of almost entirely meat. They also crave the hunt, so Pegasus have become their chosen prey. Hunting the plentiful Pegasus of the Draykh-Nahka skies is a rewarding and enjoyable practice for the magnificent Lightning Dragons. The Lightning Dragons do not know that the Gloridax leaders are creating the Pegasus in their laboratories and stocking them in the skies like fish in a pond. This elaborate plan of Pegasus production was developed simply to keep the Lightning Dragons out of the Draykh-Nahka livestock fields.

Allies - Lightning Dragons are allied with one another, but not generally with other Dragons. They have kept themselves separate through the years. They have stayed wild, and in their eyes there is good reason. The Dragon Summoners of the Gloridax have made peace with the Lightning Dragons, and so can summon them to tournament battle. It is also widely known that outside of tournamanent battle, the Lightning Dragons can be called to action by none other than Neoxian, the Dragon banker The occasionally accomplish... errands for him.

Enemies - Lightning Dragons are feared by everyone in the Earth Splinter; there is always trouble when they visit. Villages are left in ruins, fields burn, homes are destroyed, and usually for no purpose more than to send a threatening message. The Lord of Darkness also especially despises Lightning Dragons, as if he knows of some secret Dark Eternal weakness to their powers. The United Gloridax have continued to allow the Lightning Dragons to live in the wild of their lands without officially joining their union, but they still do not trust them. Gloridax magistrates keep careful tally on the Lightning Dragons, always knowing where they are located and how many.

Pastimes - Lightning Dragons keep to themselves in Dragons’ Roost during their free time. They rarely need to leave the boundaries of the Sands to hunt their Pegasus. From the city of Centrum, they can often be seen doing flips and twirls in the sky. Onlookers get the impression that the Dragons are doing it for their own enjoyment, until they see the slight red explosion when the Lightning Dragon catches its prey.


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