Legendary Character Profile - Ruler of the Seas

Legendary Character Profile - Ruler of the Seas

By Chris Roberts | SplinterLore | 17 Jul 2020

The seas are as deep as philosophers' dreams
And as dark as the night of the soul.
Their Ruler has power beyond what it seems;
No droplet beyond his control.


Ruler of the Seas


Splinter - ΛZMΛRÉ

Class - Legendary Mage

Size - 100-300 chickens. There are several disagreeing figures floating around the size of the Ruler of the Seas. He is clearly larger than any Human or Merman; what is in question is the true size of his fish sections. The massive finned rear of the ocean sorcerer is almost an entirely whale on its own.

Lifespan - The Ruler of the Seas is thought to have always been, at least as long as there have been seas to rule. He is also commonly called the Ocean Oracle, because he holds more (and older) information than anyone in the oceans. His face has the appearance of an older man, lined with the wrinkles of a multitude of life lessons. He has never volunteered any information about his age or lifespan to anyone who has asked, so it remains unknown.

Habitat - The vastness of the endless deep is his home, and as a ruler, no one could ask for a more magnificent castle. Because the crags, corals and sea plants obey his calls, he is able to make a comfortable bed for himself anywhere at any time. The stories of the Water Splinter say that he prefers to reside about a hundred leagues from the eastern coast. There, from unfathomable depth the Ruler of the Seas can underlook the Splinter, protecting and nurturing his little experiment.

Weapon - A legendary mage does not need a weapon, but he still may possess weapons of great power and mystery. The Ruler of the Seas is one such legendary mage. His Submersive Spark magic attack is tough enough on its own, so he rarely brings any of his legendary weapons to Mount Mox battle. His favorite is the Orb of Tekuupor. The Orb is actually an oversized enchanted pearl that when held, makes the holder swell to about three times their original size. The Ruler of the Seas is the only one to hold the Orb in hundreds of years. It is the main reason that the size of the Ruler has been a subject of such debate.

Diet - The Ruler of the Seas refuses to eat the creatures of his oceans. He still must eat, a task for which he has devised some unique solutions. The most common is his sky hunting. He can travel swiftly anywhere in the Splinterlands by ocean, and predators instinctively know to avoid him, so passage is always safe. This allows him to follow the migration of birds across the waters. His Aerial Spark attack can reach up to fifty yards out of the water, bringing down at least one bird in a single strike (his record is four at once). Birds account for about half of the Ruler’s diet. The other half is a mysterious breadlike substance that he retrieves from some unknown place in the furthest depths of the oceans. A Gloridax reporter once asked the Ruler what the stuff was called, and he answered “underloaf” as plainly as if he had been telling her the time.

Allies - The Ruler is naturally allied with everything that lives beneath the waves. There have been upstarts, there have been challengers and there have been rivals, but overall the Ruler of the Seas has been a good ruler and a strong one. The vast majority of intelligent sea creatures are fully behind his rule. He is also old friends with the Frost Giant, who is able to craft special movable ice pools to host the Ruler of the Seas for visits.

Enemies - For centuries, the Ruler of the Seas has held a bitter grudge against the Spirit of the Forest. He still blames her for not only the Splintering, but for the great magic drain, as well as the salt sickness, which has caused great suffering to his people. The Spirit of the Forest stole magic from the water when she made her three magic rivers, thinking herself so powerful and clever. The waters have never been what they should be since. The Spirit of the Forest will pay for her trespasses, and the Ruler of the Seas will not forget.

Pastimes - The pastimes of the Ruler of the Seas are as numerous as the minnows in the Outers. Some days he races the dolphins, other days he jousts with narwhals. He has held conversations with tortoises that lasted for days on end, and he has stolen gold from the most ruthless pirates of ΛZMΛRÉ. He is always happy to join in the battles at Mount Mox, and he will embark on adventure at the drop of an anchor. While the Ruler of the Seas may live forever, he continues to live every day as if it were his last.



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