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Quora Towershead wreaking havoc in ranked battles

By Titopx | SplinterlansTitopx | 16 Feb 2023


The new version of the Splinterland game with the new skills and rules of battles is being a success in my opinion, every day you find new strategies and ways to use each one.

Recently I went back to clan battles and it gave me the opportunity to try battles of higher intensity, but also to get incredible rewards that can now help me even in ranked battles with the new summoners, which allow the use of gladius cards.

In this post I will show you how I did using my most recent acquisition "Quora Towershead" in the qualifying battles.



A few days ago I had the opportunity to open a Gladius box thanks to the completion of a Brawl that left me enough reward for it, there I got the epic card "Quora Towershead" of the earth element, which has double attack (Magic and Melee) plus the skills "Heal" and "Bloodlust" that restores a portion of life in each round, and with each death increases your overall stats, a very dangerous card.




In addition to that, the first soulbound Reward card I received at the beginning of the current month was the summoner "Lobb Lowland" which has the ability "Conscript" which allows me to use a gladius + card in any battle including the qualifiers where previously it could not be used.

Logically the first thing that occurred to me was to use it in the qualifying battles and the truth is that I have had absolutely overwhelming results.

In the battles that are used well is an almost certain victory, it may be expensive to invoke them by the amount of mana requested, but it is well worth it and here are some examples of some battles in which I used them.





In this first battle I find myself with the opportunist rule, which means that I can place my card in last position safe from any attack, but also that I can use both his magic power and his melee power, but a plus is to have placed next to "Fungus Flinger" with the ability "Martyr" and it raises his stats even before he eliminates his first monster, also raising the skills to "Regal Peryton" leaving the balance in my favor completely.






I also tested it practically alone with a support card and without specific rules, but without too much support but rather as security against anything that might happen if it ended up falling, in that case accompanied with "Venator Kinjo".






Even that the mana is fair for the summoner and her, without rules or anything that makes a balance in your favor, but testing that alignment with that mana can be as good as to defeat her, in this case if I touched me several times but so far I have not fallen defeated.






Finally I have also tried to make the support cards much stronger than they normally are, in this case placing again "Fungus Flinger" between our friend and "Djinn Biljka" to increase her attack while taking advantage of the camouflage ability, this taking into account that the Snipe and Sneak could not be used in battle and it was almost certain that I would encounter an opportunist.


Final Conclusions


I think this is the best time to own Gladius cards, as well as "Quora Towershead" there are many other cards that can be very strong in the qualifiers and could help you climb quite a few ranks.

Considering that it is relatively easier to get the new soulbound summoners, it seems to me a perfect time for them to join the clan battles and look to get Gladius boxes, this will surely also raise the level of the brawl as people who are good but didn't pay too much attention to that kind of confrontations would be entering.

Everything is for the best in Splinterland, the good times continue and we are only in the second month of the year, imagine when we get to the second part of the year when the roadmap of the game will have more surprises for us.


Great greetings to all Splinterland players.

Here is my referral link for those who have not yet started to play and are interested in the game:

All the Captures were made from the website and edited in Photoshop.


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Toda mi experiencia y estrategias utilizadas durante mi paso por Splinterlands que cada día se hace más y más entretenido y extenso, a pesar de no ser jugador profesional ni optar a estar entre los que podría ser una posible llegada los deportes electrónicos, si me esfuerzo para conocer mejor las dinámicas y opciones del juego.

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