Splinterlands Land Presale Stage 2 - Only Hours Away

By Chris Roberts | Splinterlands | 28 Nov 2020

The 2nd Stage of the Splinterlands Land Presale will begin in about 4 hours from the time of posting this announcement.


The horn-faced Explorer known as Truck Vandenburg is at it again, this time with the strange burrowing company known as Tunnelworks Ventures. With their powerful and complex digging contraptions, the pointy Venari managers of the operation will reach further into the depths of the Praetorian lands than the Mothrook Goathelm Company.

As the massive expedition prepares for departure into the Wizards' wilderness, Splinterlanders have only a matter of hours to purchase their exclusive claims. Tunnelworks Ventures carries a higher cost of operation and must fuel the mechanical beasts that will burrow through the ground, so they are only able to offer a 40% discount on the claims. With Tunnelworks claims being limited to 30,000, they are all expected to sell before the first burrowtank delves into the Planet.

Presale Stage 2


Stage 2 will be the only chance to get Plots at the 40% discount price. In the third stage on December 19th, the discount will be 30% (nothing to scoff at), and in the final sale (TBD), they will be sold for the retail price of $20 each.



See you on the battlefield!


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Chris Roberts
Chris Roberts

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